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Review from Anonymous
Red Velvet 606 events 341 reviews

Very good, but I liked the original better.

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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 288 events 199 reviews

Not since Crawford have I enjoyed a Phantom so much. In fact I was starting to think that as an adult my love of Phantom was a teenage thing like a love of Twilight or something. But the direction of this production made Christine less stupid than...continued

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Noel Silver
Review from Noel Silver
Red Velvet 82 events 54 reviews

Loved it. Have seen the Phantom of the Opera several times and this was an excellent production with excellent performers. Will see it again next time in town.

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Deb Nikkel
Review from Deb Nikkel
Red Velvet 49 events 22 reviews

So, so well done! The new sets and costumes were gorgeous. We could hear every word that was sung and the emotions were running wild. Thank you so much!

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Chad and Brad
Review from Chad and Brad
Red Velvet 77 events 20 reviews

I have seen phantom several times, this re-imagined version was good... Different... and well thought out. Sound issues made it hard to understand a lot of the cross over parts. The cast was great, the set was AMAZING and the costumes beautiful.

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Review from S G
Red Velvet 28 events 19 reviews

An enchanted evening! Cast, set, music, choreography all superb!

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Edith Taylor
Review from Edith Taylor
Red Velvet 37 events 18 reviews

Great music and set. Bathroom situation is troubling.

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Yuri Smith
Review from Yuri Smith
Red Velvet 42 events 16 reviews

Absolutely loved this performance of The Phantom of the Opera! The singing was knocked out of the park! Kudos to the entire cast! I went with my husband and he was also wowed by the talented cast. The staging was amazing and creative. The...continued

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Kelsey Chan
Review from Kelsey Chan
Red Velvet 84 events 14 reviews

Everything about this production was top-notch. The amazing set design and fabulous casting kept my husband and I completely captivated. Highly recommended!

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Robin Fletcher Ribakoff
Review from Robin Fletcher Ribakoff
Red Velvet 13 events 6 reviews

I purchased four tickets from Goldstar. We were seated toward the rear of the center orchestra. The set designs were breathtaking. I am hard of hearing, and the acoustics at the Pantages are excellent. The acting left nothing to be...continued

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Review from Minako2199
Red Velvet 46 events 4 reviews

My husband and I went the week before to see the show with tickets we had received as a gift. Unfortunatey there were a few technical issues that prevented us from fully enjoying the show, including the failure of the chandelier to drop. When we...continued

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Review from gigimom5
Red Velvet 10 events 2 reviews

The Pantages was packed full, but the stage settings were phenomenal, and the cast was superb!!! Don't think I cared too much for the added score, but all in all it was an incredible performance, and the music is unbelievably beautiful, as always.

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Anil Coelho
Review from Anil Coelho
Red Velvet 3 events 2 reviews

The seats were grest. The show was excellent. brilliant.. We loved it.. Loved it. Thanks

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Review from Rena75
Red Velvet 48 events 1 review

I love Phantom and have seen it numerous times. This production, however, reminds me of the shows my children's high school used to put on.

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Jeffrey Walker
Review from Jeffrey Walker
Red Velvet 3 events 1 review

The first thing to mention is that Pantages is a gorgeous theater. Art Deco at its finest. We had great seats at a very reasonable price thanks to Goldstar. Wonderful production. I’ve seen Phantom on Broadway, West End in London, Ft. Lauderdale...continued

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Review from JB
83 events 53 reviews

I had never seen Phantom before, but loved it. The sets! The singing! The music! Our seats were great, and thought the whole production was spectacular. I've already recommended it several friends. Not to be missed!

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Review from Dolores
41 events 37 reviews

So...my husband and I have season tickets for the Pantages, and The Phantom of the Opera tickets were included in our package. We went, rather reluctantly, because we've seen this musical countless times. But OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! This particular...continued

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Kim HastheVictory Holifield-Harmon
Review from Kim HastheVictory Holifield-Harmon
43 events 29 reviews

The story was awesome. The music was amazing. Seats were really great. I went alone and had a ball

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Jim Guillet
Review from Jim Guillet
79 events 28 reviews

I have seen Phantom several times with various cast members ranging from Michael Crawford to Robert Guillaume. Chris Mann did a fine job as the phantom and Katie Travis made a fine Christine. The staging is fantastic and the show has been...continued

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Alice Ohanesian
Review from Alice Ohanesian
49 events 27 reviews

Although my friend and I enjoyed the show, we had seen other productions of the Phantom of the Opera in the past that were a lithe more dramatic and sensational.

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