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321 Star Starred
Irvine Barclay Theatre
4242 Campus Drive Irvine, CA 92612
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Share the tradition of fantasy passed on from generation to generation, as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Nutcracker Prince and Clara ignite the imagination of your princes and princesses of all ages. Watch as this unique Southern California experience unfolds, showcasing top international talent, exceptional Ballet Pacifica Academy students and the best dancers Southern California has to offer.

Mr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum and their two children, Clara and Fritz, are celebrating the holidays with a scrumptious Christmas party at their lavish home. Their exotic international guests come from distant lands and are dressed in ravishing party wear. When the guests have all arrived, the tree is lit, and children and grown-ups alike dance in celebration. One of the guests is the distinguished Councilor Drosselmeyer, a magical and mysterious man who brings fantastical gifts for the boys and girls, including a life-size doll and soldier which miraculously dance. For Fritz, he brings a set of toy soldiers, and for Clara, a special gift – a wooden Nutcracker carved to resemble a soldier. Clara is enchanted and dances with her intriguing gift. Her pleasure is short lived and turns to dismay when Fritz jealously snatches the Nutcracker from her and breaks it. Fortunately, Councilor Drosselmeyer is able to fix Clara’s beloved gift.

The party ends, the guests depart, and the Stahlbaum family retires to their rooms. Unable to sleep, Clara returns downstairs to check on her Nutcracker, only to find that wondrous and magical events are unfolding – the tree grows taller, the toy soldiers and mice become larger, and a battle headed by the ferocious Rat King and the Nutcracker ensues. Just as it seems the mice will win, Clara throws her slipper at the Rat King, knocking him down and saving her beloved Nutcracker. Her act of bravery transforms the Nutcracker into a handsome prince. As a show of appreciation, he invites Clara to accompany him to his enchanting home, the Kingdom of Candy. As they travel, they pass through a spellbinding storm of dancing snowflakes.

Upon their arrival at the Kingdom of Candy, the Sugar Plum Fairy, in her joy to have her prince home, calls for a celebration in honor of Clara. Soon the room is spinning with exotic dances from faraway lands such as Spain, Arabia, China and Russia. The Sugar Plum Fairy and her Nutcracker Prince dance a beautiful Grand Pas de Deux in gratitude to Clara for saving the Prince’s life. All too soon, it is time for Clara to return home. The subjects of the Kingdom of Candy assemble in a grand finale to bid her farewell; and we are left wondering, did all this really happen, or was it Clara’s magical holiday dream?

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