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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 846 events 722 reviews

He was pretty good...and had some great guys opening for him.

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J. Robey
Review from J. Robey
Red Velvet 66 events 6 reviews

My husband and I went to the Improv for my birthday evening. All of the comedians were good but John Hebron was hysterical. We laughed from beginning to end. He was relevant to every age group there. Would highly recommend this show.

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Review from Red
64 events 41 reviews

This show was AWESOME. I fully left with my face hurting from laughing so hard. I am absolutely wretched with remembering names, but the host was fantastic, another comic (Fayez?) was hysterical, and John Heffron himself had me sobbing laughing on...continued

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Rene M.
Review from Rene M.
42 events 28 reviews

John Heffron's show was great! He's funny and does clean humor that many people can relate to. He was selling his book outside the Improv after the show ended. I didn't buy the book, but he was gracious and signed an autograph for me anyway. We...continued

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Mike McElroy
Review from Mike McElroy
42 events 24 reviews

Very funny clean comedy. I have seen John 4 or 5 times and I laugh at all of his jokes, even the ones I have heard before. I would recommend him to a family or any one wanting a good laugh. The Improv is always a good time, very clean and the food...continued

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J R Christian
Review from J R Christian
46 events 19 reviews

Because of the taping at the 7:00 PM show, we were delayed an hour, standing outside waiting to get in. Once the show started (at 10:00 PM) it was great. Also, they only required you purchase 1 item rather than enforcing the 2 item rule. The...continued

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Susan Propp Teitelbaum
Review from Susan Propp Teitelbaum
23 events 14 reviews

Fun evening! John was great, but Chris Newburg was also great!
We always buy dinner so we can sit down front. Food is great.

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Review from Stacy
45 events 12 reviews

The comedian is my favorite, but the Improv over sold and we were sitting in an aisle by the kitchen and couldn't hardly hear. Every waiter had to walk over our legs to get to the kitchen..

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Review from JET
21 events 8 reviews

Great price, actually got good seats and John was very funny. New, refreshing material - totally a good show!

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Review from Steve
44 events 8 reviews

Hilarious!!! Clean humor and his opening act was great too!

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Ann N.
Review from Ann N.
30 events 7 reviews

Great show! John's hilarious!

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Joslyn Wood
Review from Joslyn Wood
14 events 7 reviews

I planned my boyfriend's 30th birthday around this event. We had our group meet up at the Yard House just across the way for drinks and appetizers and then headed into the show. At first I was nervous because we had a group of about 20 and when I...continued

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Joslyn Wood
Review from Joslyn Wood
14 events 7 reviews

This guy is so stinkin funny. We were rolling the entire time. We were there for a Bday party and were afraid with such a large group we wouldn't get enough seats close together, but the theater accomadted us just fin (20+) and not a bad seat in...continued

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Review from KD
6 events 6 reviews

He was funny - but the humor is probably geared more towardsd married people...but can't beat comedy and alcohol!

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Review from bri
11 events 6 reviews

Heffron is a funny comedian with a long resume. However, the 7:00 Sunday show is not the best time if you want to see firing on all cylinders. Most likely they're tired of telling the same jokes for the last 4 days and will deviate from the...continued

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Review from Pinkat
12 events 6 reviews

I really like this venue in general. I have been to a few different shows here and I have always had a pretty good time. The drinks are good and the food is decent. Nothing to rave about but nonetheless good bar food I suppose.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 6 reviews

John was hilarious; his comedy is very relatable, like Jerry Seinfeld.
I will definitely be watching for where he is performing and go see him again!

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Crystal Shum
Review from Crystal Shum
39 events 6 reviews

John was so hilariously funny! My boyfriend and i had such a great time :)

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Angela Collins Graham
Review from Angela Collins Graham
15 events 5 reviews

John Heffron is way funnier than I thought. I didn't recognize the name that well and wasn't expecting much. Just wanted something to do. He is hysterical. I would pay full price to see him. Again and again. Doooooo it.

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Review from Bolwby4
22 events 5 reviews

The comedians were great, and Heffron was funny as usual.

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