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Biruta Schultz
Review from Biruta Schultz
49 events 29 reviews

It was fun. A difficult play to stage with so much going on. They did a good job.

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Nancy Gordon
Review from Nancy Gordon
78 events 25 reviews

All three of us absolutely loved this play! The actors were all spot on and it seemed like they were having as good of a time as the audience. We loved especially the facial expressions of Morticia

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Lorraine Marino
Review from Lorraine Marino
33 events 11 reviews

It was a nice little theater and a great play. The performers were all fun to watch especially Uncle Fester. The only suggestion I have is make sure you sit in the first 3 rows (there are six rows of seats) because the actors do not wear...continued

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Sharon Gruber Pulham
Review from Sharon Gruber Pulham
62 events 8 reviews

Lots of fun! Morticia and Gomez were awesome!!

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Tracy Rowe Mutz
Review from Tracy Rowe Mutz
24 events 8 reviews

Loved it!!! Wonderful cast!!! Thoroughly enjoyable!!! GO!!!

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Brenda Cooper
Review from Brenda Cooper
10 events 8 reviews

What a fun night! The Adams Family brought back memories of when we always watched the Adams Family on television. The story-line was creative and we laughed so much - what a fun way to enjoy an evening; watching talented actors and dancers...continued

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Review from Eggleston
31 events 7 reviews

This was 2 hours of laughs and snappy tunes. Very clever script. I wish I could buy a soundtrack. Sure, it was a small community theater and some of the singing and production values were not ready for Broadway but if you want to thoroughly enjoy...continued

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Connie Quinn
Review from Connie Quinn
15 events 6 reviews

It was a cute play way too long. I didn't recognize anything about the Addams Family. Well the costumes were kind of the Addams Family. The story line was nothing to do with the Addams Family. I would not recommend it to anyone and way too many...continued

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Linda Simpson
Review from Linda Simpson
5 events 2 reviews

Music too loud, hard to hear the actors over it. Also even without any music playing a lot of the actors were speaking and singing too quietly to be able hear past the first 2 rows if you were lucky - and they were not using any kind of...continued

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Chris Wiederkehr
Review from Chris Wiederkehr
15 events 2 reviews

We have seen several shows at MTV and this one was our favorite so far. The play was so funny we laughed out loud several times. The jokes were timely and the talent was amazing. Great job!

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Leslie Jones
Review from Leslie Jones
5 events 1 review

A fantastic, funny show with a great cast of actors. I could see it over and over again.

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Joel A. Griswell
Review from Joel A. Griswell
22 events 1 review

Decent show, just know that this is a community production, performed to tape, not live music. The actors were fun and it's an enjoyable show. Just a small venue with a low budget, but lots of heart.

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16 events 1 review

It was a great show. Entertaining and funny! I recommend it. They were professional, well rehearsed, great singing and funny. I did not know what to expect.

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Carolyn Carnes
Review from Carolyn Carnes
1 event 1 review

It was so much fun!! Can't wait to enjoy our 2nd MTV performance!

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Lisa Villanueva
Review from Lisa Villanueva
5 events 1 review

The musical was uplifting, funny, and the performers were right on spot. Very well produced. I would recommend this musical to friends and family. Great job !!!! I will be returning.

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Joselyn Beauchamp
Review from Joselyn Beauchamp
1 event 1 review

The show was definitely great and fun, especially for a small community theater! There was some issues with lines, and the Spotlight was a bit lagging. Sometimes they needed to project more. But I loved their energy and commitment!

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Diva Mary
Review from Diva Mary
64 events 1 review

The songs were fun, acting was great, and Morticia and Gomez's dance was sexy and great to watch.

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Eric Christopherson
Review from Eric Christopherson
2 events 1 review

Very cute and funny, the cast was super into it. They really capture the upliftingly dark humor of the Addams. Pugsly sings too! What an awesome production.

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Loren Goldstein
Review from Loren Goldstein
4 events 1 review

What a fun show! This was a real community theater experience which was well executed by an able cast. They did a great job of engaging the audience, and made good use of their limited space. Lots of laughs and my 12 year old had a great time...continued

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