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Paula Hyler
Review from Paula Hyler
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This was our first time at this event. The small metal seats with no backing were uncomfortable to sit in. There was no place to put your drink except a hold it in your hand the whole time. We also found both comedians to be rather vulgar. We...continued

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Suzanne Carpenter
Review from Suzanne Carpenter
3 events 1 review

Disappointed. With little material, the two comedians resorted to shock value crude humor. Each joke trying to one-up the shock value of the prior joke. Few laughs. Many groans. I felt uncomfortable for the comics. Has to apologize to the people I...continued

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Donna Tipton
Review from Donna Tipton
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I'm guessing this was a first-time event for them and it definitely needs work. They oversold the room, so folks were crammed in. The noise from the bar drowned out the comedians for those of us near the back of the room. The comedians were...continued

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Mike K
Review from Mike K
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Let me start with the positives. The venue is great and the beer selections and quality are wonderful. The comedians on the other hand were simply put just not funny at all.

If your looking to sample some great beer and hang out, I would...continued

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Kathy Menard
Review from Kathy Menard
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The comedians both sucked and were horrible! This is a comedy tour?? Seriously? Two comics?
They were not funny, no one enjoyed it and then they asked for tips?!
A complete waste of money, and MANY people got up and left early!

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