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Review from Glen Davis
Red Velvet 318 events 97 reviews

A fun day out on the water. it was cool and overcast the day we went but the guide was pleasant and informative. It wasn't as physically demanding as I was told...you could basically drift behind the group if you wanted to.

On the day we...continued

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Review from Dianne Klein-Chavarria
Red Velvet 96 events 50 reviews

wonderful day, what an adventure. our only disappointment was that the sea was a little too active that day, so for our own protection we weren't able to kayak in the caves. but our guides were great and we still had a great experience. highly...continued

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Review from Bernie Konig
Red Velvet 57 events 41 reviews

They were very crowded and definitely overbooked, but it all worked out. The young kids they have working there were all very helpful and attentive. The excursion itself was lots of fun. Felt totally safe and enjoyed the whole experience.

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Review from Missy Y
Red Velvet 92 events 34 reviews

Had a lovely time with our tour guide Mason. Prepare to get wet, our kayak flipped as we "surfed" back to shore which was either user error or bad luck because not everyone ended up soaked. My husband and I thought it only added to the fun tour!

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Review from Emem
Red Velvet 96 events 26 reviews

I never used a kayak before, but it was nice and easy. It would be good to mention that the group does not enter any caves. We received a voucher to visit the cave from the shore, which was appreciated.

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Review from Sandy
Red Velvet 227 events 24 reviews

The kayaking portion was fabulous! Loved being out on the water. However, we had to wait almost 90 minutes for kayaks and oars because they had run out due to the high demand that day. Also, because we got into the water late, the sun was setting...continued

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Review from Peggy Ward
Red Velvet 46 events 17 reviews

My son and his girlfriend were the ones that went, but they told me all about it. They had a good time. As others have said, the caves are not as special as they are made out to be...seeing the wildlife is more of a treat, they said.

The one...continued

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Review from Mary Booth
Red Velvet 34 events 7 reviews

Awesome adventure! Definitely worth it!!

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Review from Goldstar Member
Red Velvet 7 events 4 reviews

We enjoyed the tour very much. Our guides Nick and Brittany were informative, amusing and very pleasant. The company was gracious. The only problem we had was the the Goldstar information sheet with the proof of purchase had zero information on...continued

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Review from Cathy Foreman Melville
Red Velvet 11 events 3 reviews

The location is not protected, so you have to contend with lots of waves. We were in a tandem kayak, and the seats were uncomfortable, with flimsy back supports. My husbands support broke off completely once we were out to sea, making it...continued

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Review from Carol
Red Velvet 14 events 1 review

The group was great, the scenery wonderful and the guides were enthusiastic an knowledgeable.

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Review from Ziva Gottesman
53 events 47 reviews

Went with a friend. We both really enjoyed ourselves. Great up close views of the cliffs, and sea life. I wish we knew how quick the actual cave exploration would be, but other than that had a lot of fun. Bring some underwater disposable cameras...continued

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Review from Lisa Rothstein
71 events 42 reviews

Great vallue for the money. Friendly guide. The caves themselves were not as spectcular as I had hoped, but we had a good time. Saw sea lions, leopard sharks and Garibaldi fish

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Review from bickelmann
104 events 27 reviews

It was great fun. We saw a lot of "sea life" and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Review from Sev
40 events 25 reviews

Another Great Goldstar Value! Our kayaking guide was friendly and informative. And It felt great to get out in the sun and be active for a change. The caves themselves aren't anything super special (more like a series of carved out alcoves along...continued

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Review from catsuit
76 events 25 reviews

We had a great time. We were first time kayakers..you will get soaked in October. Bathing suit is a must, you might consider a wetsuit. The guide was informative and entertaining. The ONLY drawback was the weather. Storm at sea the night before...continued

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Review from Maya T. Carlin
56 events 24 reviews

Loved it! Great way to play tourist at home & enjoy La Jolla Cove. Staff is terrific, lots of fun for family - highly recommend (especially @ Goldstar prices!)

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Review from repos4u@yahoo.com
66 events 23 reviews

This was our 4th time in the Kayaks at La Jolla shore but our 1st time on tour with a guide. I highly recommend the tours, your first time or 100th time. Our guild was helpful with tips for getting through the surf, explained “how to” technique to...continued

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Review from Shannon Delgado
41 events 21 reviews

What a great day - we saw so much ocean life Seals, Dolphins, Sea Lions and small harmless sharks (my favorite kind)beautiful place to see and interesting. A CA fault line you see how 2 plates come together in this protected ocean sanctuary.

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Review from Janice M.
40 events 19 reviews

This was a work-out for middle-aged mom and tween son in a two-person kayak, but it was fun. Tour is misnamed, because we spent 99% of the time on the open ocean, and about 60 seconds inside a cave. That was disappointing. Our guide was very...continued

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