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Jeri Price
Review from Jeri Price
Red Velvet 61 events 13 reviews

Matilda, the kids, and Miss Honey were great, but this felt like a stretched out story for a musical, and the role of Miss Trunchbull just wasn't funny to me.

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Jose Reyes
Review from Jose Reyes
297 events 147 reviews

The kids really stood out. Enjoyed the show very much.

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Linda Pickle
Review from Linda Pickle
80 events 63 reviews

It was a wonderful product. First class performance. Great acting, signing and everything. Love it and need to return for other productions.

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Review from jckuehn3
28 events 9 reviews

For the most part, the play was fun and enjoyable. The children were adorable. The only caveat was the decision to play the characters with these “fake” British accents which made most of the dialogue hard or nearly impossible to understand,...continued

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Alicia Menendez
Review from Alicia Menendez
29 events 9 reviews

The show was very inappropriate for a joung audience. Lots of children present and it wasn't meant for kids. I did not appreciate the message it sent.

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Lawrence Hutchens
Review from Lawrence Hutchens
33 events 8 reviews

This had the potential to be an incredible show but.........other than one performer you could not understand a single word. Combination of poor balance with the orchestra (which was wonderful) and not singing with clear enough enunciation. What...continued

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Review from DerZauberer
49 events 7 reviews

Incredible performances by Matilda and the child actors who were very young but saying like Broadway pros. Enjoy the performance very much and would recommend it. Just be aware that they are using heavy British accent so for some people it is very...continued

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Review from Pam
15 events 5 reviews

Too hard to understand the British words with hearing aids. The actors were good

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Review from Nns
10 events 4 reviews

First time at this theater. Loved it. Performers all worked really hard and were quite good. My particular standouts were Matilda, the mother, the headmistress, the acrobat wife (lovely dance form) and Rudolpho! The kids were amazing. Really...continued

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Sheena Somoza
Review from Sheena Somoza
49 events 4 reviews

Matilda was great! I saw it at the Pantages Theater a few years ago and loved it, but it was even better at La Mirada. The cast was UH-MAY-ZING!

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Valerie Humbles
Review from Valerie Humbles
12 events 4 reviews

Stellar performances! Very talented group of child and adult actors. My mother had trouble understanding the British accents, particular when they sang, but she got the gist of the show, despite never having read the book or seen the movie. My...continued

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Review from Ken
12 events 3 reviews

Amazing! The kids in this musical is so talented! Enjoyable for all ages!!!

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Review from Meannie
13 events 3 reviews

Too many kids trying to do British accent and I was unable to understand most of what they were saying. The orchestra was wonderful but too loud at times and it drowned out the voices and also affected hearing what they were saying. If I hadn't...continued

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Candice Poindexter
Review from Candice Poindexter
6 events 1 review

Beautiful theater and fantastic production. My 7 year old daughter was enthralled. We can't wait for more events at the La Mirada Theatre.

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Monica Escalera
Review from Monica Escalera
0 events 1 review

Great experience!! My first time buying tickets at goldstar and definitely I recommended this site.

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Myrna Brito
Review from Myrna Brito
2 events 1 review

Great show. The cast was wonderful. The staff is super helpful.

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Review from Timothy
25 events 1 review

It was hard to understand the British accent and the show was unnecessary long, adding scenes that seem to stretch it forever. It would be better to be 90 instead of 2.5 hours. Plus I was wanting to see more “magic”

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Sharon Derose
Review from Sharon Derose
1 event 1 review

Overall it was well done. My critique would be when the actors are shouting so much it’s hard to hear what they are saying. You’d think it would be the opposite. Very talented cast!

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Arman Erfanfar
Review from Arman Erfanfar
2 events 1 review

The heavy English accent made it very hard to understand what the actors were saying.

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Gloria Fees
Review from Gloria Fees
1 event 1 review

The play was funny and very entertaining. The cast was very talented.

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