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Review from Don
Red Velvet 166 events 89 reviews

Well done. Great singing and dancing.

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Amy Guttman
Review from Amy Guttman
37 events 12 reviews

Very enjoyable! Sophie (the daughter) was phenomenal. The theater’s sound system could use improvement

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Claudia CC Rubach Adamczyk
Review from Claudia CC Rubach Adamczyk
26 events 8 reviews

Great energy with an age appropriate cast
Beautiful voices for all these great songs
A truly enjoyable evening although would appreciate it if everyone would stop talking during the intro music because that’s what sets the ‘tone’.

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SUsan Gaile-Bain
Review from SUsan Gaile-Bain
12 events 4 reviews

One of the very best shows that Laguna Playhouse has put on in the several years I’ve attended. Cast, production, staging, on and on, all outstanding. Fun and enjoyable evening.

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Doree Pisano
Review from Doree Pisano
18 events 3 reviews

It was very entertaining and the singing was great! It was uplifting in this day and age with everything going on in the world to just sit back and enjoy! I would highly recommend it!

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Krystin Olson
Review from Krystin Olson
7 events 2 reviews

This was amazing production! The actors were very talented and made you want to get up and dance!

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Faby Lara
Review from Faby Lara
3 events 1 review

Amateur at best. Sound track playing in the background and often singers were off cue. Have seen better high school plays.

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Carol Kellison
Review from Carol Kellison
4 events 1 review


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julie sullivan
Review from julie sullivan
17 events 1 review

Outstanding show......

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Review from Tipton
2 events 1 review

What a fun and and well done rendition! As always, Laguna Playhouse was the perfect venue. Everyone left the performance with big smiles on their faces. Well done!!

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Deborah Davidson Tyler
Review from Deborah Davidson Tyler
5 events 1 review

Wonderful event! No problem w/seating even tho in mezzanine.. great view of the stage..
We were all still smiling when walking to our cars!!

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