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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 828 events 708 reviews

Great show this year! I really loved that they incorporated "live" performance...and even animals...to this already amazing show. I'm so glad I went to check it out again. I just wish that they would have actually reached out and found real...continued

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Austin Nation
Review from Austin Nation
Red Velvet 828 events 708 reviews

Not as good as previous years. Too much live dancing about Fred and Ginger and not enough about other Hollywood partners. I go to this show to see the artwork...not live performance. That's what makes this show so unique. The second half was...continued

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Albert Rowuin
Review from Albert Rowuin
Red Velvet 671 events 539 reviews

The goldstar seats were surprisingly good and the show was very, very good. The music, narration, and artwork were all done well. This year's show had several dance numbers, which is an art form that matched the "Partners" theme, but there just...continued

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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 280 events 192 reviews

I've been in the past and it was fun. This year they added a lot of ballroom dance and seemed to modernize it with images from movie posters from older movies. I liked it better than ever.

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Review from Randall
Red Velvet 330 events 130 reviews

This is a unique Southern California event and a must-see if you've never seen it. The presentation is fantastic. The Goldstar seats we got were in the back section, so definitely bring binoculars to get the full effect of what you're seeing. Lots...continued

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Review from jane
Red Velvet 265 events 105 reviews

Perfect night. Truly amazingly different event. Recommend for anyone over 15 and interested in art and dance. Binoculars a must. If need to rent $10 but get them an hour before as there is a limited supply. Also very crowded so just be patient. We...continued

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Lady Diane Chua
Review from Lady Diane Chua
Red Velvet 122 events 57 reviews

As always, it was a spectacular evening under the moonlit sky.

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Review from Sparky
Red Velvet 82 events 55 reviews

We recently moved to Newport Beach and heard from many people that this was a must do...they were right! It was a unique and lovely experience. We loved the art fair and live music that preceded the pageant. Looking forward to going again next...continued

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Deb Nikkel
Review from Deb Nikkel
Red Velvet 49 events 22 reviews

The pageant was very entertaining and very organized. The shuttles were great taking us back to our parking. Thank you!!

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Review from Clare
Red Velvet 49 events 15 reviews

The performance was great, but the seats were too far away.

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Abel Zeballos
Review from Abel Zeballos
Red Velvet 135 events 13 reviews
Diane D Bulgatz
Review from Diane D Bulgatz
Red Velvet 111 events 12 reviews

Seats very far away in the "Nose Bleed Section. Show was great!

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Mh Newlife
Review from Mh Newlife
Red Velvet 19 events 7 reviews

Fun event .. with lots of surprises - really enjoyed the music, ambiance and creativity of the pieces and the actors. Especially liked the first half, which wove a story together. The second half wasn't nearly as rich of a story, but still...continued

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Amy Taksen Somers
Review from Amy Taksen Somers
Red Velvet 23 events 2 reviews

My husband and I decided to "run away from home" for a few days.
Looking for Surf Sun and Fun we ended up in Laguna Beach.
It's as if Goldstar was reading my mind, Pageant of the Masters popped up as weekly suggestion. For $22, we enjoyed 5 hours...continued

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Ellen DeEtte Tippit
Review from Ellen DeEtte Tippit
81 events 58 reviews

We attended the celebrity night for the Pageant of the Masters last Friday night. We started out with the music portion of the show which was Herb Alpert who was amazing. Then we walked through the beautiful artwork in the art show. The Pageant of...continued

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Review from Nancy
84 events 45 reviews

Seats were not the best, but the production was wonderful!

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Tori Adkisson
Review from Tori Adkisson
102 events 41 reviews

I was truly disappointed that this venue would not accompanied me in a wheelchair. This is the only venue I have ever been to that would not accommodate me. I was told I would have to go up stairs. I am in a wheelchair dud!!

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Tori Adkisson
Review from Tori Adkisson
102 events 41 reviews

This is such a magnificent way to spend an evening. The art work alone is spectacular, come early so you have a chance to look at it!
The performance was exceptional. I hadn't seen it for over 30 years and is even better than I remembered.

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Tori Adkisson
Review from Tori Adkisson
102 events 41 reviews

This was my second trip to see the Pageant of the Masters. Again I throughly enjoyed the performance, however again I had issues with ada seating. I had to walk up two flights of stairs. Luckily their security was able to help me to my seat...continued

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Patricia Middleton
Review from Patricia Middleton
52 events 40 reviews

Nice event. Quite remarkable what they do. But Goldstar tickets were too far back to appreciate the whole effect. I think you should offer an even better ticket option.
Parking was close by but cost $20. Nice evening out.

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