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Claire Terranova Gunther
Review from Claire Terranova Gunther
Red Velvet 31 events 14 reviews

Entertaining. There is nothing more funny than sitting in "Sister's" classroom.

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Elizabeth F.
Review from Elizabeth F.
102 events 57 reviews

This is a fun show. Have seen several of the other shows in this series and always enjoyed them. Really wanted to see the creator Maripat - and was a bit disappointed that she had done the earlier show; however, I did enjoy the actress who did...continued

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Review from gjryan5
109 events 51 reviews

We are huge "Sister Maripat" fans and have seen all of her "Late-Nite" productions (a couple more than once). The highlights of this new show were the same as the highlights of the others: her improv interactions with the audience (classroom)...continued

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Brenna Bodacious
Review from Brenna Bodacious
72 events 25 reviews

The show was very thin on material, seemed to be just an improvised conversation with an over eager audience, anxious to be part of the act. No show, just audience interaction with a beloved character of Sister Maripat.
Ticket price was not a...continued

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Review from Francine
28 events 23 reviews

This is another great show written by Maripat , this is the first time we didn't see Maripat but one of the other ' Sisters" and it was hilarious. I can hardly wait to see the other 2 shows she has written.

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Review from Lollygaggin
44 events 14 reviews

Sister Maripat Donavan never fails to Entertain Excellently! She is a "scream". Loved every minute of the laughter.

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Theresa Galarza
Review from Theresa Galarza
24 events 12 reviews

We had a great time! "Sister" interacts a lot with the audience making it a fun experience being there.

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Carol Brinkman
Review from Carol Brinkman
16 events 11 reviews

A totally enjoyable evening. Although the play has direction, Sister involves the audience making it extemporaneous as well. Very funny. Catholics and non Catholics will love it. Just don't come in late.

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Review from LOPEZ
43 events 11 reviews

Hilarious return to Catholic school with a modern twist!!

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Review from dustkittendmm
25 events 10 reviews

i love it! took my mother who also loved it. it was her first catechism. i am not catholic but i learned a lot. nothing like good clean fun on a saturday night. i love the way she includes the audience and makes everyone feel loved even while...continued

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Review from Alida
15 events 9 reviews

Energy was kind of low. Not up to the sister's usual standards. It was obvious that one of the participants from the audience was a plant.

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Deanne Dillenbeck
Review from Deanne Dillenbeck
11 events 9 reviews

Sister is hilarious. I love her off-the-cuff comments and her ability to involve the audience. Keep up the great work.

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Tom Connolly
Review from Tom Connolly
59 events 8 reviews

12 years of Catholic school prepared me for a charming and wonderfully interactive show

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Neil Rosen
Review from Neil Rosen
12 events 8 reviews

My wife and I enjoyed the play called Maripat Donovan Returns for Sister's Easter Catechism. We learned some rituals and traditions of the Catholic Church while being entertained at the same time.

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Patty Bauer
Review from Patty Bauer
11 events 8 reviews

She is always entertaining and provides lots of laughs. If you ever attended Catholic School you will enjoy even more.

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Carol Roman
Review from Carol Roman
42 events 7 reviews

I love the Sister's humor and the way she uses audience participation in her show. Unfortunately, the pace of the show was uneven, and I longed for more continuity.

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Polly Hendrickson
Review from Polly Hendrickson
38 events 7 reviews

So funny, don't have to be Catholic to get the humor. Sister is such a character. Never disappoints!

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Review from Nancy
8 events 6 reviews

Always very funny. She is quick with her comebacks and it's all
Ad libbed. She's very likeable.

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Anne B
Review from Anne B
9 events 6 reviews

She was as fabulous as ever. Wonderful audience participation.

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Deborah Martin
Review from Deborah Martin
19 events 6 reviews

Very funny with lots of good Catholic humor! Sister Maripat Donovan quick wit & great story telling made for a fun night out.

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