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Review from Keithf4099
Red Velvet 77 events 49 reviews

Great acting - very talented cast. We always enjoy performances at Modjeska Playhouse. Lots of parking and several restaurants close by. We live in Anaheim and especially like the Sunday performances as there is lite traffic on the 5 freeway....continued

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Review from Isolena
15 events 9 reviews

It is always a nostalgia trip for those of us that married and had the requisite number of bridesmaids for the time to see a play about marriage and more.. But thinking back to my sister fainting in l00 degree heat in the church, my brother-in-law...continued

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Review from SueC
39 events 8 reviews

First time at this theater. Very nice small venue and wonderful actors.

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Ronnie Lapenson
Review from Ronnie Lapenson
5 events 3 reviews

2 actresses were great. .others just rattled off lines.
Poorly written
However set was wonderful

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Elisabeth Gegner
Review from Elisabeth Gegner
4 events 1 review

Foul language. Plot was just ok.

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Donna Meeks
Review from Donna Meeks
1 event 1 review

Loved the intimate theater experience where you are almost on stage with the actors. I look forward to returning.
The young women actors were talented and did an excellent job with the material they were given. However, I expected more comedy and...continued

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Cheryl Bennett
Review from Cheryl Bennett
2 events 1 review

Very disappointing play. Story was disjointed - all over the place from one story to the next. It could have been a cute story but, it went wildly off track. If you are easily offended this is the play to see. It covers every topic from...continued

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Nancy B
Review from Nancy B
2 events 1 review

Very enjoyable. The venue is really nice - looking forward to going back.

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Mary Miller Knott
Review from Mary Miller Knott
1 event 1 review

Very well done by all actors. Not a bad seat in the theater. Will return.

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