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Review from czarina8662
Red Velvet 35 events 18 reviews

I thought it was very funny. The cast was great!!!!

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Shirley Mason
Review from Shirley Mason
83 events 21 reviews

What a fun evening! The play was well-cast with incredible actors.

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Review from ratbag9
40 events 15 reviews

Goldstar misprinted the time of the event so that we were late; while this was an annoyance and made us miss about 10 minutes of the show, the performance was witty & well acted.

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Review from Pizzi
16 events 10 reviews

"Taking Steps" by Alan Ayckbourn at the Lakewood Theatre in Lake Oswego is a wonderful slapstick evening filled with good, hearty belly laughs. Kudos to all the performers, and the director, Brenda Hubbard, who took every opportunity to embellish...continued

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Kelly Brown
Review from Kelly Brown
6 events 5 reviews

The Director has no clue how to direct this type of play. What could have been an enjoyable experiemce ended up being incredibly tedious.

And, for God's sake if you do ENGLISH comedy at least get actors who can DO a convincing ENGLISH accent....continued

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Kathy Kuhn
Review from Kathy Kuhn
12 events 4 reviews

Humor is perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to perform. Even if you get all of the elements correct, you can still be hampered by material that is dated. I thought the actors performed exceedingly well, but the subject matter was for...continued

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Robin Triest Carlson
Review from Robin Triest Carlson
3 events 1 review

My husband and I enjoyed the play but we can't say it's the best one we've seen at the Lakewood Theater. We did however laugh a fair amount. As we saw it on the second night, I have to account for the fact that the actors are most likely...continued

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R Dale Kraushaar
Review from R Dale Kraushaar
4 events 1 review

This was our first time in the Lakewood Arts Center and we were pleasantly surprised. The conversion from an old school that took place in 1980 is really cool. The show was great and the cast was excellent. Will definitely return.

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