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Scott Carter
Review from Scott Carter
Red Velvet 1112 events 597 reviews

It's more staged than the New York version. But still fantastic. Nice new twist on a quirky old theme. My 13-year old son thought it was the best thing he's ever seen in his whole life.

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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 338 events 155 reviews

This is essentially a multimedia series of sketches and musical numbers - a vaudeville, maybe - hung loosely on the hook of three blue men. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments, some terrific percussion, and a lot of nerd/geek appeal in things like...continued

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Denise Shue
Review from Denise Shue
Red Velvet 105 events 65 reviews

A very fun & unique show! I took my man to celebrate our anniversary & he loved it also! Seats were perfect! 5th row center! I also enjoyed getting pictures w/ a Blue Man afterwards!

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Julieann W.
Review from Julieann W.
Red Velvet 72 events 31 reviews

Our seats were great, right in the center orchestra. show was good, have seen it before. It started right on time and as reviewed before, latecomers were heckled.

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A. H.
Review from A. H.
Red Velvet 65 events 23 reviews

The show was outstanding, high energy and fun. I loved it.

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Ken Munroe
Review from Ken Munroe
Red Velvet 177 events 21 reviews

I have seen BMG a few times in the past and I thought it was much more energetic and interesting than this last time, even at half-price.

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Antonia H. Jensen
Review from Antonia H. Jensen
Red Velvet 16 events 3 reviews

My seating could not possibly have been any better. I partisipated in part of the show.
The visual display and audianse participation was fantastic. It was one of the most entertaining shows I have ever been to and the price for the seats...continued

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Mike Hughes
Review from Mike Hughes
99 events 53 reviews

Like everyone has said, this is a must see show. It's different, zany and just plain fun. Seats were good.

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Review from theaterfan
77 events 45 reviews

Very interesting show and innovative. Not everything works--but on the whole very good. Take advantage of the earplugs offered before the performance. You'll need them. Take advantage of the Goldstar prices, otherwise very expensive. Good...continued

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Jo R.
Review from Jo R.
91 events 44 reviews

Funny and thrilling. A must see!

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Clara F.
Review from Clara F.
92 events 39 reviews

I enjoyed the show. The way I would describe it is "different". I think a smaller group would have been better than the large theater setting 'though. Also, it is overpriced.

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William M Hiser
Review from William M Hiser
142 events 37 reviews

think outside the box

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I Luv L.A.
Review from I Luv L.A.
106 events 35 reviews

Enjoyed the show...but I think it is more of a child's event than an adults...There were plenty of kids..and if we had brought our grandsons, this show would have been great for them. But, a little too PG for us.

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Review from adam
47 events 35 reviews

I'm tolerant of most performances so it wasn't the "strangeness" of the show that made me not like it, it was the lack of significance/meaning in the show. there were humorous parts, musical ones, and all-around weirdness but none of it seemed to...continued

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Review from james
72 events 34 reviews

This was a GREAT show!!!! The seats were perfect and you can see everything!!!

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Donovan Craig
Review from Donovan Craig
52 events 32 reviews


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Donovan Craig
Review from Donovan Craig
52 events 32 reviews

Wonderful show. We had primo seats!

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Review from UncleKing
52 events 31 reviews

Show was incredible! Not something that you need to see more than once, but definitely something you should see at least once. Great music and comedy with virtually no spoken words. Fantastic performers!
Get there early, because they start...continued

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Michael O'Connor
Review from Michael O'Connor
124 events 30 reviews

I've never taken LSD but If I had, it would compare to the experience to seeing the"Blueman group." The experience was a trip! You never knew what those 3 blue guys were going to next. You knew it was going to funny. We had a good time and a great...continued

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Review from TLBurton
58 events 23 reviews

They were unbelievable we had a great time...I don't want to say anything that will spoil it but there is definitely audience participation on this adventure and its well worth every penny. Photo opportunity is available after the show and I...continued

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