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William Tran
Review from William Tran
126 events 5 reviews

There isn't enough content, so they give you lots to read. It's like walking into a live-action Wikipedia page. Then upstairs, there's porn!!! Yay!!! For (near) free, it's fine. But I wouldn't be happy if I had to pay full price for this...

reviewed Nov 17 2018 report as inappropriate
Markus Dantinne
Review from Markus Dantinne
3 events 3 reviews
Phil C.
Review from Phil C.
11 events 2 reviews

It just seemed like everything was jumbled in there. It could've been better put together. Displays were not the best.

reviewed Nov 16 2018 report as inappropriate
Shana Rogers
Review from Shana Rogers
4 events 1 review

It was something I never experience before and I’m soo happy I did.

reviewed Sep 15 2018 report as inappropriate