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Review from Pepper-J
Red Velvet 46 events 28 reviews

Truly amazing replications of famous stars and personality. It was an overall good value at the Goldstar price.

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Review from Mandee
Red Velvet 224 events 20 reviews

Fun Time!

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Review from Masala
Red Velvet 17 events 9 reviews

Guess I was expecting the same experience I had in New York and was a little disappointed. The line wait was a little long. After getting your entrance passes you followed a trail throughout rooms with various themes. The "celebrity" room had...continued

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Review from Pat
80 events 50 reviews

What I thought might me cheesy is actually great fun and a terrific photo opportunity.

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Review from Sandy
79 events 47 reviews

Super cool.

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Pat Altinay
Review from Pat Altinay
59 events 33 reviews

I've passed this wax museum every time I go to Vegas and this time I decided to check it out, thanks to Goldstar. It was well worth it! Touchable statues with props provided really made this so much fun that you begin to feel like a cast in a...continued

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Yvette Gholar
Review from Yvette Gholar
23 events 15 reviews

I was surprised at the closeness of the wax figures to the actual star's likeness. Great museum.

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Kevin Coley
Review from Kevin Coley
51 events 14 reviews

Great fun! Perfect for photo ops! Some of the figures look SO REAL! It is amazing! Goldstar helped to make it an affordable outing! Go for it! :)

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Angélica Torres
Review from Angélica Torres
40 events 12 reviews

fun and easy thing to do in Vegas

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Review from hugglebugglemum
29 events 12 reviews

great way to spend an afternoon esp if you don't gamble... thoroughly enjoyed having funny pictures taken with celebrities i would never meet in person.

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lori franco
Review from lori franco
34 events 12 reviews

very cool, alot of figures and good variety. was disappointed with the "horror" section.

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Tanya S.
Review from Tanya S.
15 events 12 reviews

Very nice place! Would highly recommend it!

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Sharon Catalan
Review from Sharon Catalan
66 events 9 reviews

Value for money. We had a great time. We were there for Halloween and we did the Haunted House tour. It was awesome.

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Review from Cindy
18 events 8 reviews

I was a little less impressed by this museum this trip. I had been here before and I remember there being more figures. I was impressed by how many of these figures matched my memories of performers gone by. If you've never been to this wax...continued

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Cynthia Neal
Review from Cynthia Neal
17 events 8 reviews

We had a great time! Got our picture taken with Hef in bunny ears, golfed with Tiger, married George Clooney and had dinner with Ben Affleck. Got scared in the Scary movie set and got to see how tall John Wayne was and answered the phone for...continued

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Review from Clarissa
20 events 7 reviews

Awesome fun posing with the wax actors. Crazy looking real.

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Robin Romero Scaletta
Review from Robin Romero Scaletta
8 events 7 reviews

Very interesting and a great way to spend some time away from the slot machines for awhile.

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Karen Gamble
Review from Karen Gamble
15 events 6 reviews

Great wax figures, well laid out so pictures can be taken and the 4D experience was terrific!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 6 reviews

The whole experience was very enjoyable and all the celebs were up to date!! Beyonce even had her baby bump! Very impressive!

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Leslie L. Zimmer
Review from Leslie L. Zimmer
15 events 6 reviews

Their eyes, hair and skin were so lifelike it was uncanny. As I rounded a corner, I saw another statue and tried to figure out who it was. Then, they moved and I realized it was a real person. It's hard to tell the statues from the people...continued

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