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Jose R. Colon
Review from Jose R. Colon
Red Velvet 162 events 52 reviews

Funny play. A great deal of audience involvement. Food was ok. The actors were good

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Off To Ozz
Review from Off To Ozz
Red Velvet 38 events 18 reviews

No point to VIP extra money for tickets, still wait in the long line and seated at farthest table in room, room is not huge so none of the seats were bad, but disappointed in extra money for VIP, food is what you'd expect but service is quick and...continued

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Judy Wong
Review from Judy Wong
77 events 66 reviews

This is a wonderful lively interactive comedy and murder mystery dinner show. The audience members plays detective in solving the crime. Actors are planted among the unsuspecting diners. At some point, the guests all get to mingle and ask...continued

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Pat Altinay
Review from Pat Altinay
55 events 33 reviews

What a great time! This is a real "must see" experience - an off, off, off broadway show that you just happen to be in. The hostess, DeeDee was hilarious and then, when the audience was threatened by one of her wait staff, Sal Manella, (yes it was...continued

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Review from Jannie
45 events 29 reviews

We loved this VIP Marriage Can Be Murder dinner show and murder mystery experience. I went with a girlfriend and we had a lot of laughs and a great time. Dinner was good...get the pasta! Pay attention and write down the clues. We loved the...continued

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Tammy Wagnon
Review from Tammy Wagnon
35 events 22 reviews

This is my 2nd time at this show. We went this time with my Brother and Sister in Law. They LOVED it! It is a GREAT value...dinner is good...comes with a drink and a T-shirt. Where can you eat, drink and be Entertained so well and walk away...continued

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Malary Hathcox
Review from Malary Hathcox
30 events 15 reviews

What a fun night with friends. The cast is great, we really loved Miss Kitty.

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Tanya S.
Review from Tanya S.
15 events 12 reviews

Fun, very interactive show! I enjoyed it!

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Review from ballagurl2205
22 events 12 reviews

We showed up a little late and missed the mingle but the show was awesome and we had a great time. Get involved, take pictures and dont be afraid to act a little goofy. The cast was awesome and engaging. Would def go back for another show if in...continued

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Dolphin mommy
Review from Dolphin mommy
26 events 8 reviews

Amazing, hilarious, clever. From the moment we arrived and stepped in line we were entertained. Non-stop laughs and surprises. Talented hosts. Go see it!!

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Lucine gharibyan
Review from Lucine gharibyan
29 events 8 reviews

Totally hilarious'. Had a blast! I personally didn't think it is child friendly, so leave the kids behind.

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Jacqueline Williams
Review from Jacqueline Williams
20 events 7 reviews

I wanted to do something different so I surprised my husband with two tickets to this event. I am happy to say that WE loved It! The comedy was great, food was good even though we didn't like the dessert, and the crowd was fun and participatory. ...continued

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bonny cohen
Review from bonny cohen
10 events 6 reviews

The Marriage can be murder group are fun and friendly, the play was a little flat! There could have been more interesting. We did enjoy the parts where had to mingle with the other guest...that was fun. The food was predictably unappealing. The...continued

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Stephanie Lilly
Review from Stephanie Lilly
5 events 5 reviews

This show was awesome!

We had such a great time the acting was great very entertaining. The food was yummy:-)

This is a really good way to spend an evening

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Review from Sydne
11 events 5 reviews

Very entertaining with good food! A different experience... clever dialogue!!

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Esmeralda Rodi
Review from Esmeralda Rodi
6 events 4 reviews

Fast paced, very entertaining- the valentines show was extra nice with the rose and box of chocolates :) One thing, maybe supply some parmesan cheese for the pasta entree- i mean it was pretty plain tasting.

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Review from Robert
10 events 4 reviews

Great time. Had lots of fun and plenty of laughs. Whole family enjoyed it.

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Reed Hester
Review from Reed Hester
9 events 2 reviews

Best show in town? Really? When was that show suppose to start?? I am a local and The Strip is where I usually spend my time/money/attend shows. This was the first time I have ever been to a show downtown. The reviews in Goldstar gave this...continued

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John Dearing
Review from John Dearing
9 events 2 reviews

How fun , it starts from the time you join the line , I had the murder sitting next to me . Everyone joined in and it was a good night, the food was good as well , this usually is what brings down a show like this.
I had chicken yum !


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Darius Hines
Review from Darius Hines
15 events 2 reviews

Lots of fun - the more audience participation the better! The food was good too!

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