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George I Bates
Review from George I Bates
Red Velvet 45 events 7 reviews


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Lylo N.
Review from Lylo N.
57 events 27 reviews

I have seen several tribute shows in my life but this one was the worst. It started off with some performers dressed in street clothing then running like they stole something. The intro of show was a waste, amateurish. A cringeworthy voice of a...continued

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Review from John
28 events 12 reviews

The show was very energetic and the young men playing the Jackson Five were excellent! I highly recommend the part I saw.

Hooters casino had a new person doing tickets at will call who didn’t know what she was doing. We arrived about 10 minutes...continued

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Review from ThelmaGrace
12 events 8 reviews

The show was great. I highly recommend that everyone see it.
Our seats were excellent. We were brought to the front of the line and seated immediately.

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Review from Lowfatcccc@Gmail.Com
6 events 3 reviews

Motown Extreme was a great performance. All the acts were so talented. I had a great experience.

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Barbara Johnson
Review from Barbara Johnson
6 events 3 reviews

The Motown show was fantastic!
Goldstar prices are reasonable

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Review from Andrea
10 events 2 reviews

I wanted to like this performance but I didn’t. There was only one Temptation, not 4 or 5 members representing them. They dancing was great from the Jackson 5. The skit between Michael Jackson and Diana Ross was pointless.

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June Smith
Review from June Smith
12 events 2 reviews

The ushers at the vemue were rude. The end of the show it was stated yhat if you purchase an souvenir you would receive a free ticket to return. Our group purchased seversl items. They didnt give us free tickets. They pushed us out the door before...continued

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De Ila Meyer
Review from De Ila Meyer
2 events 1 review

I attended the show last week and knew that my friend visiting from South Carolina would love it as well, so we came together while she was here. The show is full of energy with truly excellent musical renditions of the old Motown Hits. I will...continued

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Evette Smalls-Cooper
Review from Evette Smalls-Cooper
1 event 1 review

It was a wonderful show and the cast were very kind!

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Richard Jaraba
Review from Richard Jaraba
1 event 1 review

Lots of fun. Good memories. High energy. Very talented acts. Very likable people. We all enjoyed it!

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Janet Jones
Review from Janet Jones
3 events 1 review

Soooooo FUN

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Ken Denton
Review from Ken Denton
1 event 1 review

The gentleman who was obviously the most talented and the leader of the group, sang Marvin Gaye songs as well as Smokey Robinson and others like the Temptations was terrific. His son who was tasked with, the unenviable job of taking on Michael...continued

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Karl F Arriola
Review from Karl F Arriola
1 event 1 review

The show waa very very cheesy was not worth the money i payed and the waitess never came to us to aak if we wanted to order anything she only stuck to 1 group of people becuz they ordered alot of drinks she never bothered looking our way i would...continued

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Janis Covington
Review from Janis Covington
1 event 1 review

The whole experience was GREAT. It brought back so many good memories!!!

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Lisa McGowan
Review from Lisa McGowan
2 events 1 review

This show is a must see while in Vegas. The show is full of energy, the performers are truly talented and engaging. You'll be up out of your seat dancing and singing along and it's perfectly ok with the cast. Those kids are beyond talented. Loved...continued

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Kevin Cagle
Review from Kevin Cagle
1 event 1 review

We have attended most of the shows in Vegas. This is truly a hidden gem! Loved it! The talent was amazing! They should be in a larger venue!

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Melissa Laner
Review from Melissa Laner
1 event 1 review

We really enjoyed this show!! It was a more intimate setting than most Las Vegas shows, and the artists performed their hearts out. There were sing alongs (everyone knows most of the lyrics to this great music!) and audience participation, and the...continued

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