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Linda Lepire
Review from Linda Lepire
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Penn & Teller was good but hard to follow at times. The seats would be great for a musical show but you really needed to be closer to see all of the illusions. Actually got sleepy during the performance. Was it worth the money? I don't think so.

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Angelique Sieverson
Review from Angelique Sieverson
7 events 3 reviews

Penn & Teller were fantastic! The show left one wanting more.
I highly recommend seeing this show while in Vegas. Penn & Teller even come out after the show for autographs and pictures! Great for families.

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Review from Pierre
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Penn & Teller were fantastic. The show was a good length (about an hour and a half), and thanks to Goldstar the seats were excellent and reasonably priced. Sometimes they get a little preachy on their political views (if you've seen their show...continued

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Jennifer Puhl
Review from Jennifer Puhl
13 events 3 reviews

Penn and Teller gave a stellar performance. They are accomplished magicians who tell how they will do the trick and then give it a special unexpected twist before it is over.
It is mind boggling how they do what they do. Most enjoyable!

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Review from AgeProf
21 events 3 reviews

Predictable. Funny at times, predictable at others. Teller never ceases to amaze. Penn seemed to be performing as if he believed all the hype. Maybe these guys are living on past glories.
Go see Mac King - much fresher and more funny - and a lot...continued

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Randy Alberts
Review from Randy Alberts
3 events 3 reviews

Show was Great. Got to meet P&T after the show and seats were on the floor 7th row.

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K.A. Ramsey
Review from K.A. Ramsey
8 events 3 reviews

Show was wonderful; funny; amazing and irreverent. We loved it. Penn and Teller also stay around after the show to visit w/ the audience, they were very nice.

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Wendy Nalbandian
Review from Wendy Nalbandian
47 events 3 reviews

Some of the magic was good, but overall the show was boring. Penn talks way too much, and he is overly political for my entertainment. One or two references to civil liberties and Libertarianism would have been fine, but it felt like the majority...continued

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Review from GENE GIBBA
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Review from Gary
6 events 3 reviews

The listing says to get assigned seats 3 hours earlier. I went extra early (1 hour earlier) than on the listed time of the printout and still got bad seats. If your vision isn't perfect, you won't be able to see anything. The tricks were good, but...continued

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Review from Jennifer
19 events 3 reviews

The show was great. The theater is small and very well designed, so all seats are good seats. Penn & Teller stand outside the theater after the show to take photos and sign autographs. It's rare that performers appreciate their audience like that...continued

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Liz B.
Review from Liz B.
3 events 3 reviews

The show was fairly low-key. I did like the humor, but it wasn't fast paced; it was relaxed. I liked learning about the magic tricks, and Penn is a really great juggler. The last act was a head scratcher. Not sure how that trick is done. Although...continued

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Sophia Sullivan
Review from Sophia Sullivan
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The show was based more on their Bull$hit series on Showtime than their magic and traditional acts. We were hoping for more of a traditional show and found a lot of their material boring. The seats were up in the mezzanine and they did not display...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

The show was Awesome. I had a great time and I was entertained the entire show.

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Review from philclimb
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The show was compelling, funny, and confounding. It is tightly packed with tricks and trick explanations. The jazz pianist beforehand was terrific. Penn played bass in a disguise (thinly veiled), perhaps eyeing potential audience participants. ...continued

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Nicole Novgorodsky
Review from Nicole Novgorodsky
19 events 3 reviews

The show was great! I have seen parts of it on TV before but seeing the tricks done in person is a totally different experience. They change up the show all the time so even if you have seen a lot of there tricks they still manage to surprise. The...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 3 reviews

This is not your typical magic or comedy show. Penn & Teller are genius showmen. Their show finds clever ways to present just the right amount of intrigue laced with laughter. When I wasn't giggling with delight, my mouth was agape and eyes wide...continued

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Myriam Capella
Review from Myriam Capella
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This show had been recommended to me and it certainly lived up to my expectations. We had a great time.

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Review from kburnside13
7 events 3 reviews

This was an amazing show and well worth the money. There was some live jazz being played an hour before the show featuring Penn and audience members could go on stage and inspect for trap doors. During the show Penn and Teller would explain some...continued

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Francis Garvey
Review from Francis Garvey
43 events 3 reviews

This was hugely enjoyable. They're consummate entertainers, both really funny and very skilled at their craft.

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