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Review from operachickie
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I've seen them before. It was fun, but way too short. It was nive to meet them afterwards, tough. They both stood outside after the show to sign authographs and pose for pictures. Nice touch.

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Laurie Ellis
Review from Laurie Ellis
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If you are in Las Vegas you need to take the time to see Penn and Teller

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Review from Stephen
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It is impossible to believe what is taking place right in front of your eyes. Amazing performance! I had wanted to see these guys for the longest time and the show was even more than I had hoped for. It was over too soon - I wanted more!

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Melissa Ramoso
Review from Melissa Ramoso
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It was a great show. The seats were on the main floor and pretty close, but set all the way to one side. The bonus of the show was that Penn & Teller came out after the show to sign autographs and take pictures! I definitely would recommend to...continued

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Review from El_wheeler
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It was clean and family friendly, which was a pleasant surprise to me considering the title of their show on Showtime.

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Review from Khermann
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It was great! Better than Copperfield!

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Review from LEXXY
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It was Penn and Teller! They were funny and presented a thinking man show. We had wonderful seats. It was worth every penny!

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Aaron Solis
Review from Aaron Solis
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Loved it. Seats were in the middle part of the theatre. Not down low, but not up in the balcony either. So pretty good considering the price. Still a great view of the show. Lots of fun. When you get there early, there is a piano player and a...continued

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Review from cj0529814
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Nice tricks. Great stage presence but not what I expect out of Vegas. 2 guys on stage and a few acts that involve the audience. No stage action, design, effects, etc. Basic tricks nothing outstanding they just mKe it funny also

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Review from RICK HAYASHI
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not worth the money. too much talking and too few magic.

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Review from only511
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One of the highlights of our vacation, this show pulls you in and baffles and astonishes you from its first seconds. I love these guys. As a fan of their TV show and often in agreement with their expressed ideology, I was glad to get the chance...continued

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Rita Donato
Review from Rita Donato
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Our family of 4 had a great time at the Penn & Teller Show. The seats were pretty good - 12 rows back to the left side of the stage. The duo put on an interesting show that combined comedy with magic tricks. I will definitely recommend this show...continued

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Ron W.
Review from Ron W.
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Penn & teller, put on a great show they do a lot with the audience its well worth the $.

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Review from durge
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Penn and Teller are extremely funny illusionists that have a lot of audience participation. So if your in the first section, make sure that you are willing to go up on stage =P The show is an hour and a half and is totally worth going to at least...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Penn and Teller were fabulous. Funny, witty, and entertaining throughout with a Libertarian patriotic bit thrown in. Surprises and impresses the audience without a lot of fluff and melodrama. I would love to see them again!

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Fran Serrano
Review from Fran Serrano
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Seats are all great! Love the smartness of the show! Penn and Teller liked to use the studio audience in their performance. Very engaging and fun!

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Michelle Lancia
Review from Michelle Lancia
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That was the worst show I ever seen... if I could, I would want every cent back for my tickets!!!!!!!!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The act is engaging and interesting with a good mix of comedy magic and yes, some political insights.

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Marc Zalaznick
Review from Marc Zalaznick
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The show itself was short in time by Vegas standards. About one hour & fifteen minutes. The piano playing before doesn't count and it was pretty bizzare. The theater was a little large for the type of performance. If you're not sittng on the floor...continued

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bonnie pittenger
Review from bonnie pittenger
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the show was boring. Not great magic and Teller talked too much.

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