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Review from keithb
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Hands down the best Show money I've spent in Vegas so far. These guys are entertainers and do not pretend to be anything else. They do the tricks, show you the basics of how its being done, all the while including some excellent social...continued

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Clint Coker
Review from Clint Coker
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Having wasted my money making a side trip to Vegas just to see Chris Angel it was a great relief that Penn and Teller lived up to expectations having been recommended as a must see by friends back in Australia.

I can honestly say that having...continued

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Kenny Pusecker
Review from Kenny Pusecker
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High entertaining, I will reccomend it to friends and will go again in a year or so.

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Review from docsierra
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Hilarious! Had a great time. Be sure to arrive early and go up on stage to check out a prop to be used in the show!

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Angel Magaña
Review from Angel Magaña
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I am a long time fan, so my comments are a bit based solely for that reason. However, this is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever been to. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and will go again in the future.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I arrived at the Rio early to make sure I got good seats and waited for the box office to open at 7. There was only one couple in line in front of us so I thought We would get pretty good seats. When we got to the front I asked the unfriendly lady...continued

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kristie kampschroer
Review from kristie kampschroer
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I attended the magic show at the urging of a friend of mine who wanted to see them. I was pleasantly surprised ! They are an amazing duo and altho they 'exposed' how many of the tricks actually work, I was still befuddled and impressed.

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Julie3 R
Review from Julie3 R
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I enjoyed this event a lot. Penn and Teller put on a great show. I would have enjoyed it more though if the temperature in the theater wasn't so hot.

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Juan Moreno
Review from Juan Moreno
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I had a blast at this show. The tricks are amazing and I find them to be hilarious. I like that they are not your typical brand of magicians and throw in a little politics into the mix. If you are a closed mided conservative you should probably go...continued

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Review from JeremyDavid
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I had a great time! The energy of Penn & Teller is awesome, and their skills are incredible. I would suggest this show to others; although it does not contain hardcore magic, it is quite entertaining!

Both men are extremely talented;...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I honestly think that there are no greater living illusionists, than Penn & Teller. Performing in their beautiful theater in the Rio, in Las Vegas, P&T constantly update their show with new illusions and new tricks, in every performance. No two...continued

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Review from Scumbucketz
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I liked their show and so did my guests. Funny guys and good magic.

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Hanna Bee
Review from Hanna Bee
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I loved Penn and Teller! Very family friendly so make it a family experience.

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Review from genuwine4532
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I loved this show, it was funny, interesting and really entertaining.

I also loved my seats, which were very close to the stage, thank you Goldstar, and the discount was great too.

Though this theater is such that any seat is really good,...continued

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Review from steve
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I really enjoyed the show. It was my first Las Vegas stage show and Penn and Teller were just great. I would go back to see them again.

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Review from CuriousLarry
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I was a big fan of Penn & Teller; I own their books and have seen their TV specials.

The Sunday night show at the Penn & Teller theater was a big let down. Although Penn talked as much as usual, his heart was not really into it. They were...continued

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Review from 77Bullfrog
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I went with a relative to this show and got great seats at an even greater price! Thank you so much for a great Christmas gift... couldn't have done it without Goldstart!

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Review from Goldstar Member
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I've seen thirty (or so) diffrent Las Vegas shows and this one is the best.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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If you are Penn & Teller fan it is very good....

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Review from Goldstar Member
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If you can only see one show when you are in Las Vegas you have to see Penn and Teller. The only bad thing was it ended way too fast. I was eager to see more, laugh more and be amazed more. These guys are the best!

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