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Review from kedavis
88 events 35 reviews

Mildly entertaining magic show. Not worth $60.

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Pat Altinay
Review from Pat Altinay
60 events 33 reviews

Therse are the true, classic entertainers. They involved the audience, suprised you with magic and then explained it to you! We had a great time.

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Linda Redd
Review from Linda Redd
75 events 32 reviews

They where great I enjoyed the show.

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Monty S. Benhaim
Review from Monty S. Benhaim
78 events 30 reviews

Too much talking, too little action

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Review from DTeich1960
38 events 30 reviews

While most tricks/illusions were very amazing they happened so fast I felt like I missed something. You really need to focus on what they're up to. Some tricks I have no clue how they did them. It was still worth it if you haven't seen them.

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Adriana Ruiz
Review from Adriana Ruiz
39 events 29 reviews

Great show. I wear glasses and mezzanine seats made it hard to see many of the tricks but I still loved the show and even got to meet Penn and shake his hand and congratulate him on a good show! As usual, Goldstar is a class act, the reserved...continued

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Review from IM2Hawaiian
56 events 28 reviews

I throughly enjoyed everything, but I thought there would be more.

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Review from Gordon
34 events 24 reviews

Fan of penn & teller from TV, etc, seen them many years ago in Vegas , however this time I was very disappointed with their show like others have said in their reviews.

Many basic magic tricks were performed (rope of different lengths, etc) which...continued

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Review from Erlinda
52 events 24 reviews

terrific show - although I think I'm missing something in the Helium trick.

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Review from Da"Boo
25 events 21 reviews

Oh my - best entertainment for the dollar in Vegas!

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Daniel Chan
Review from Daniel Chan
36 events 21 reviews

One of the better magic shows in Las Vegas.

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Dan R
Review from Dan R
29 events 20 reviews

This was an amazing show and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to see a top-notch Las Vegas magic act. Just the right amount of humor and truly outstanding magic!

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Review from tjobson
51 events 19 reviews

This is well-worth the money, especially if buying through Goldstar. Our family ranged in age from 18 to 50 and all of us really enjoyed the show. It was funny and many of the tricks were amazing and entertaining.

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Review from Seth
24 events 18 reviews

Great show. The only bad thing is that they performed all the tricks that they do on their Fool Us show. So if you watch the TV show, it's the same tricks as their live show.

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Fran Zimmermann
Review from Fran Zimmermann
27 events 17 reviews

Great fun! Wonderful "magic" tricks that make you wonder how it's done. I would go back and see them again!

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Review from Bassprincess
65 events 17 reviews

Seats were in mezzanine last row. Too far away. Tried to check in earlier, but goldstar tickets don't show up at the box office until 3:30pm, not much you can do.

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Review from Stacy
75 events 16 reviews

Brilliant! Great seats! Both performers came out after show for meet and greet -AMAZING!!!

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Linda Kahler
Review from Linda Kahler
28 events 16 reviews

Penn and Teller are great. They did only about twelve illusions,but explained how half of them are done. That was very interesting to me. Too much time was spent by Penn about the fakery of mentalists. It slowed down the pace of the show. ...continued

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Review from jcbaylis@gmail.com
35 events 16 reviews

We especially loved the piano player at the beginning of the show. He was wonderful. Penn & Teller were as good as we hoped they would be.

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Review from Carole
22 events 16 reviews

We stayed at the Rio and this was a clean, funny, happy night.

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