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Review from doug_barlett
39 events 15 reviews

Penn & Teller are awesome. Great choreography. Great showmen. Very poetic and entertaining.

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Justine M. Constantino
Review from Justine M. Constantino
26 events 15 reviews

was pretty boring and not very funny or entertaining sadly.

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Review from MacGuffin
40 events 15 reviews

Well I'm a P&T nut and don't think anything else really compares to them in Vegas. I seem to average seeing the show every two years or so and there are enough differences to keep it fresh.

Don't waste time on the hypnotists and assorted...continued

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Doreen Rutledge
Review from Doreen Rutledge
38 events 14 reviews

This is the best magic show you can see! We were amazed, we laughed and we LOVED it!!! My teenage daughters said their "brains hurt" after watching the show. This is worth a trip to Vegas!

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East Bay Area Girl
Review from East Bay Area Girl
16 events 13 reviews

Great Seat as Always at Goldstar. You can get to the theater about 8:30 for the 9:00 show. Eat at the Rio, but pick up your tickets first because they have a 25% off your meal coupon at the top of your ticket for Dinning at a restaurant at the...continued

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Peter Barnett
Review from Peter Barnett
33 events 13 reviews

Have seen many Vegas shows. Don't plan to see this one again. Surprised to see the theater full, since they have been there so long. And the show acts like it has been there to long. They take to long to get to the punch line. More just...continued

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Review from Christopher
14 events 13 reviews

If you've never seen Penn & Teller, other than on television, I can wholeheartedly suggest seeing them at the Rio Casino. I saw them a few years ago when I last visited Las Vegas, and while some of the bits were the same, I still had a wonderful...continued

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Jenn Kurz
Review from Jenn Kurz
24 events 13 reviews

My Son and my mom went to see this. My Son said that they had dry humor and he loved it! My mom probably didn't follow as much as my son but she also said she had a good time! I hope to get to see it one of these days :)

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Review from Ed
13 events 13 reviews

P&T's magic combined with acerbic wit is a great combination. They claim this show has been running for more than nine years at the RIO. Their ease with audience interactions and their personal timing are a testament to years of experience.

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Wendy Gillroy
Review from Wendy Gillroy
36 events 13 reviews

Saw this show in Oct. 2010. Just went again June 2011. It's a great show but the second time was almost exactly like the first show. I was hoping there would be a few different illusions, tricks or whatever you want to call them.

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Mike in the OC
Review from Mike in the OC
19 events 13 reviews

Seats were good - about 7th row on the side. My expectations for the show were high, so I was slightly disappointed. A good show, not top notch. The jazz portion before the main show was awesome. The piano player was amazing.

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Review from miller4n6
59 events 13 reviews

The show was GREAT! I wish the seating were a little closer, but if it had been, then I would have had to pay full price for the tickets! I loved the show, and the humor and the surprises, and I especially liked getting to meet Penn & Teller...continued

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Penny Rice
Review from Penny Rice
23 events 12 reviews

A wonderful evening full of magic and humor with lots of audience participation.

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Derek Brooks
Review from Derek Brooks
40 events 12 reviews

An all around great show! audience participation, magic, comedy and a touch of social commentary makes this one a must see, did I forget to mention the fire-eating and knife throwing?

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Jenelle Hamilton
Review from Jenelle Hamilton
34 events 12 reviews

Had a great time and was very happy with my seat. Front and center. Thanks again Goldstar for another great event at a great price!

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Review from CatrinaQ
20 events 12 reviews

I've seen Penn and Teller on tv many times but I've never seen a full show. I really enjoyed that they revealed standard magician tricks all while deceiving you in a different way. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend the show.

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Vanessa Rodriguez.
Review from Vanessa Rodriguez.
22 events 12 reviews

It was magical. The were creative, fun and funny. They explain their magic tricks in a funny way. Really entertaining performance.

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Miss Aloha OC
Review from Miss Aloha OC
29 events 12 reviews

Penn & Teller were funny and entertaining. Some of the magic tricks would have been better appreciated up close, and the goldstar seats are a good view but far away. Still a great show!

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Review from elliebarts
18 events 12 reviews

Penn suffers from a mumbling problem and cannot be easily understood from 2nd tier seats...unfortunately many of their tricks need a lot of explanation...some of the tricks fell flat because of lack of active direction from a good director...

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Review from Rantman
29 events 12 reviews

We love Penn & Teller -- I have seen them twice before, and we love the TV show. Everything went smoothly, getting to the Rio, getting the tickets, etc. Penn & Teller were their usual affable and funny selves, and we really enjoyed the show. ...continued

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