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Miss Aloha OC
Review from Miss Aloha OC
29 events 12 reviews

Penn & Teller were funny and entertaining. Some of the magic tricks would have been better appreciated up close, and the goldstar seats are a good view but far away. Still a great show!

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Review from elliebarts
18 events 12 reviews

Penn suffers from a mumbling problem and cannot be easily understood from 2nd tier seats...unfortunately many of their tricks need a lot of explanation...some of the tricks fell flat because of lack of active direction from a good director...

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Review from Rantman
29 events 12 reviews

We love Penn & Teller -- I have seen them twice before, and we love the TV show. Everything went smoothly, getting to the Rio, getting the tickets, etc. Penn & Teller were their usual affable and funny selves, and we really enjoyed the show. ...continued

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John Deerhake
Review from John Deerhake
50 events 11 reviews

Hilarious, entertaining, and even thought provoking. Definitely recommended.

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Terry Craver Baaske
Review from Terry Craver Baaske
38 events 11 reviews


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Robin Lovan
Review from Robin Lovan
13 events 11 reviews

Penn and Teller are Penn and Teller, one of a kind. Love the bit on airport security and The Bill of Rights. The theater is beautiful. The tricks amaze. The banter is funny and enlightening. The crowds after the show wanting pictures with the...continued

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Gretchen Fermer
Review from Gretchen Fermer
24 events 11 reviews

Smart & witty, very interactive with audience. Large Venue @ Rio, go early to pick up tickets.

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Esker Franklin McConnell
Review from Esker Franklin McConnell
20 events 11 reviews

This was an event that was able to keep me from falling asleep. I was also unable to fully understand just how they did some of the magic they did. That made it an even better experience.

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Michelle Wulfe
Review from Michelle Wulfe
32 events 11 reviews

We enjoyed the mix of classic slight of hand with the modern tricks we have come to expect. I appreciated the touch of patriotism in the act, classy touch. We asked for earphones and my husband was able to hear everything, great idea!

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Sally Miller
Review from Sally Miller
51 events 10 reviews

Absolutely loved it! They are awesome entertainers. Great tricks, illusions, mind benders, jokes and audience participation. I even got picked to be a part of one of the tricks. They go out after the show and go meet and greet selfies with...continued

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C. B. S.
Review from C. B. S.
19 events 10 reviews

It was fun to see Penn and Teller in Las Vegas. The seats we had were good, 7th row on the side. Just wish there had been a little less talking and a bit more magic. Really enjoyed the first and last magic trick!

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Arlene Fishbon Cowen
Review from Arlene Fishbon Cowen
43 events 10 reviews

Not only are Penn and Teller amazing magicians but they are both musicians to boot. Penn played the string bass in the Pre-show musical portion and Teller played during the show. It is a combination of great magic, smart wit, music and laughs!

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Martin Plost
Review from Martin Plost
20 events 10 reviews

Penn and Teller are expert magicians and put on an impressive performance. I'm still amazed at the bullet trick. Perhaps I am jaded, but I also like more glamour and jazzier magic by other magicians. Still they are masters of their craft.

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Sandra Facon
Review from Sandra Facon
19 events 9 reviews

Great show and great seats.

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Joseph DeGraff
Review from Joseph DeGraff
20 events 9 reviews

I too have waited years to see this show and it was well worth the wait. Their form of magic is very interesting, exciting and fun.

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Review from lsstarkey
30 events 9 reviews

Their show is interesting with a lot of audience involvement. Having audience members up front and close made the illusions that much more impressive! We even got to go on stage before the show started. They do a lot of talking (and educating)...continued

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Allen Medenilla
Review from Allen Medenilla
20 events 9 reviews

We sat in the very back and it was difficult to see. They were great yet the seats were not great. If I knew where ll be sitting, I would paid more to be closer.

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Karlee Dash
Review from Karlee Dash
14 events 8 reviews

Fantastic show! Good seats.If you want to see an amazing show in Vegas this is a great one.

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Meghan Tansey
Review from Meghan Tansey
19 events 8 reviews

HILARIOUS!!! Penn and Teller have amazing stage presence and charm. Very funny, and great illusions.

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Review from Dan
9 events 8 reviews

I don't want to give too much away, but these guys are GOOD at what they do. The show was very funny and all the tricks are extremely well executed. I was thoroughly impressed.

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