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Patricia LaPorta
Review from Patricia LaPorta
11 events 8 reviews

Show was enjoyable. A bit too much talking but still worth seeing. Best value in magic for Las Vegas I would say is Dirk Arthur though.

After show meet and greet Penn & Teller is really nice. Both are extremely personable.

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41 events 8 reviews

The show was very boring and too much talking. There were a couple of interesting tricks but for the most part don't waste your money.

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Carol Suveda
Review from Carol Suveda
45 events 8 reviews

This was a fun event, that went quickly, close to an hour and a half. I'd recommend bringing binoculars to see better if your seats are far away. We were delighted that both Penn and Teller stayed in the lobby after the show give autographs and...continued

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Craig Desoer
Review from Craig Desoer
11 events 8 reviews

We took the advice of some other members and picked up our seats 3 hours before the performance. We were in the 13th row of the orchestra and off to the side. Our view was OK, but the theater is huge, and I would have been quite upset to get...continued

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Review from Rene
35 events 8 reviews

What a fun show! The theater is fairly small, so it seems that all the seats may have a good view. Love the interaction with the audience, and the fact that Penn and Teller ran (literally) to the lobby as soon as the show ended for photos with fans.

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Janess Dulinski
Review from Janess Dulinski
9 events 7 reviews

A wonderful mix of magic and commentary. Amazing!

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Review from Yolanda
25 events 7 reviews

Another awesome performance! We have not seen them for a few years now. They have new Magic/Comedy scenes and they are amazing. I asked my husband..."How did they do that?!" His reply was... it's magic! Totally enjoyed the show.

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Kat Thieu
Review from Kat Thieu
14 events 7 reviews

great seats!!!

loved it =D

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Review from wittleevlpixie
17 events 7 reviews

It was amazing! I'm a really big fan of magic and I love their take on it. I would really recommend this show if you are a fan of the unconventional.

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Paulie Srinuan
Review from Paulie Srinuan
23 events 7 reviews

our tickets were incredible. they were 6th row, on the right side of the stage, 3 seats in. even the ticket agent was surprised when I told her that I got these tickets through goldstar events. usually 3rd party gets seats up in the balcony. ...continued

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bati patel
Review from bati patel
24 events 7 reviews

Parts of it kinda dragged....going up to sign an envelope in the beginning seemed (in retrospect) a dumb ploy to engage the interest of the audience.

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Review from jenndean
18 events 7 reviews

Seats were average. Show was okay. Barely worth the goldstar price, so I'm glad I didn't pay full price. Overall it was a nice evening with my husband and better than losing more money in the casino.

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Vera M.
Review from Vera M.
11 events 7 reviews

Thank God I brought our receipt as the box office did NOT have record of my transaction. It seems they did not get the information from Goldstar. We had seats so far that we missed most of the action. That was disappointing. Penn and Teller could...continued

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Carol Klein-Goldstein
Review from Carol Klein-Goldstein
46 events 7 reviews

We had an enjoyable evening. The Jazz piano player before the show was excellent and he helped get the audience in a good mood for the show. Penn and Teller were delightful. They show you how some of the tricks are done, but even with the...continued

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Review from Brudmann
14 events 7 reviews

Wonderful!! We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Since the show was in Las Vegas we were ready for a potty mouth show and it was not at all!! Very good. We will go again to see these two great entertainers!

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john andersen
Review from john andersen
21 events 6 reviews

Awesome night great seats and perfect price

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Review from azlefty
20 events 6 reviews

Awesome. One of the most entertaining yet interesting and thought provoking shows I have ever seen.

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Alex Lin
Review from Alex Lin
49 events 6 reviews

Don't waste your money on this. They were just talking the whole time and barely did any magic tricks. The worst magic show I have ever seen.

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Herb F
Review from Herb F
13 events 6 reviews

Good show but could not see many of the tricks from 4th row mezzanine. They need to use a projection screen

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Dina E.
Review from Dina E.
28 events 6 reviews

I have wanted to see Penn & Teller live for years, and when I finally was able to do so they did not disappoint! I absolutely love their take on the "magic" show -- debunking false supernatural claims, showing the audience how tricks are...continued

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