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Sandra Casillas
Review from Sandra Casillas
16 events 5 reviews

Really great show!!!!! They are funny and have amazing tricks. I am still trying to figure them out!

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Review from Janet
7 events 5 reviews

They're very different - they're not your "normal magicians". They're illusionists and a few people walked out.

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Robin Edwards
Review from Robin Edwards
20 events 5 reviews

THis was a wonderful evening! This was the best show we saw in Vegas hands down and to boot, we got to enjoy Penn's stand up bass playing!!

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Review from Doug
15 events 5 reviews

This was a GREAT show. Very entertaining and as you listen to these guys expose how the tricks are done in a very humorous way, the trick gets even more mysterious..... VERY WORTH seeing for SURE! Also, even though GoldStar always provides great...continued

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Debby Mac
Review from Debby Mac
7 events 5 reviews

This was the first time I had seen Penn & Teller in person, and they were absolutely amazing! We saw the "tricks" and thought we knew what was going on, then they changed it up and we were totally surprised and impressed. It was an awesome show!...continued

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Chris Trela
Review from Chris Trela
9 events 5 reviews

Very fun and enjoyable show, my girlfriend really loves magic and Penn and Teller, and was excited to see them. Seats were decent, about two thirds of the way back in the mezzanine. Show is at The Rio, my first time there, not my favorite casino...continued

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Review from agfallat
12 events 5 reviews

way too much talking and not enough "magic" some of the tricks were really clever but not enough of them

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 5 reviews

We enjoyed this show and had good seats. We were not overwhelmed by the show and at times wondered about the price vs. the value. With the goldstar price felt the value was there but probably would not have paid or enjoyed it at a much higher...continued

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Julie Chervin
Review from Julie Chervin
14 events 5 reviews

We saw Penn & Teller 25 years ago in NY just as their career was really taking off. Somehow between then & now, they've gotten far less exciting. When you're paying a substantial amount for the ticket, you expect a substantial show, and this...continued

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Cecilia Galindo
Review from Cecilia Galindo
12 events 5 reviews

Went with my husband and we had an amazing time. Seats were great and the tricks kept us stumped. Nice jazz hour before the show. Penn & Teller meet and greet with the audience at the end to take pictures with.

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Kari A. Wiese
Review from Kari A. Wiese
6 events 4 reviews

Awesome show! The time went very fast. Would recommend this show to everyone. I would see them again. Price was right and seating wasn't bad.

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Review from Teri
7 events 4 reviews

awesome...well worth every dime

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Review from Susan
7 events 4 reviews


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Cindy Leish
Review from Cindy Leish
18 events 4 reviews

Fun show! We saw Penn & Teller four years ago in Las Vegas. This show was completely different and just as enjoyable.

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Lisa Bach
Review from Lisa Bach
5 events 4 reviews

Good seats, glad I saved money at Goldstar because the show was only one hour and fifteen minutes.
Fun show and very easy to pick up the tickets.

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Review from fernando
7 events 4 reviews

good show. I enjoyed it.

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Review from Ricardo
29 events 4 reviews

Had a great time, would see the show again. I took my daughter and some friends. They too had a great time. The seat were comfortable, and the theater was very nice.

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Review from PatC
5 events 4 reviews

I attended with three girlfriends. We really enjoyed the show. It is sophisticated and funny. Penn & Teller show many types of magic tricks, punctuated with a sense of humor.

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Review from Debbie
16 events 4 reviews

I saw them in 2008 and would have thought they'd have changed things up a bit but it was the same exact show. They were great the first time around but if you're seeing the same show again...it's just ok.

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Deanna Feingold
Review from Deanna Feingold
12 events 4 reviews

I was very surprised how well the act went. They included the audience in some of their acts which we all enjoyed.

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