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Review from Chelle
6 events 3 reviews

Disclamer: I have never seen them on TV.

Their magic tricks were pretty run of the mill and the flag one was excessively obvious how it was done (prior to the explanation.
It only gets stars for the comedic value (yes it was funny -- but only...continued

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c crobar
Review from c crobar
7 events 3 reviews

Do not like buying tickets upfront without knowing where I am going to be sitting first, but did it anyway. The seats were in the Mez. section and too far away for this type of show. I wish that I had paid the regular price and picked my seat. ...continued

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Review from Deb
3 events 3 reviews

Enjoyed Penn & Teller show. "Magic" tricks were good and they were kind of funny. Overall Good, but not spectacular.

Our Goldstar seats were good on the Mezzanine level, not too far back and slightly off-center. There are no obstructing beams...continued

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mark Graham
Review from mark Graham
3 events 3 reviews

Fun adult show...we had a great time...just a hint check out the bass player playing the pre-show..looks an awful like Penn Gillette in disguise!
Both wait outside theater and sign autographs andlet you take pictures!

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Review from AHB
7 events 3 reviews

good experience overall; cheaper to purchase from goldstar than through the tickets4less in las vegas itself (and nice to know that you have plans in advance/no waiting in line).

We had average seats in the mezzanine (center, row j), and it was...continued

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Review from matt
14 events 3 reviews

Good seats and pretty cool performance.

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Review from so
20 events 3 reviews

good show. hard to find great family entertainment in LVNV

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 3 reviews

GREAT !! Had family from out of town and they loved the show, really enjoyed when penn took pictures with them in the lobby.

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Leslie Reibman
Review from Leslie Reibman
14 events 3 reviews

Great magic, crappy shtick

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Claus Hoerandner
Review from Claus Hoerandner
5 events 3 reviews

great show even though most of the tricks are classic Penn&Teller material.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
10 events 3 reviews

great show!

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Review from AUHamer
6 events 3 reviews

I knew we would enjoy Penn and Teller before I even looked to see if tickets were available.....and we did. I've seen a couple of the bits they did before but even those were entertaining. The venue at the Rio is great and the Gold Star tickets...continued

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Review from marcfemenella
5 events 3 reviews

I'm a huge Penn and Teller fan, and the show was great for me. But I brought my parents, and I think it was a little tough for them to follow Penn's fast-paced rants and thinking-man's tricks. The main reason was likely his tendency to speak...continued

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Dorian Morris
Review from Dorian Morris
4 events 3 reviews

I'm not a jazz lover, so the jazz through the show was a bit much.
What was worse... the sound was loud but not clear. It was like the mike was too close to Penn's mouth. Very loud, but often, I couldn't make out what he was saying. It made it a...continued

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Henry Itkin
Review from Henry Itkin
3 events 3 reviews

If you've never seen Penn and Teller, this is a great show to see, as it is unlike any other "magic" show and unlike any other show in Vegas. In addition to being fine magicians, these guys are professional debunkers. This leads to some pretty...continued

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Review from Queena
12 events 3 reviews

It was a fun and entertaining show! Bring your camera to get your picture taken with Penn and Teller after the show in the hallway.

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Review from PezFan
5 events 3 reviews

It was a good show. Agree with others that the theater was too large, but the night I went, it was orchestra seating only. Tickets says go 3 hours early to get a seat; they let me pick mine up 5 hours ahead. Rio is off the strip, so it's a cab...continued

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Lionela Litt
Review from Lionela Litt
51 events 3 reviews

It was fine, but we couldn't see much from where we were sitting.

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Review from CNB
14 events 3 reviews

My fiance and I really love the art of magic and this did not disappoint. However, I'm not a big fan of Penn & Teller so I did not love this show but was entertained enough to enjoy myself.
My fiance dabbles with magic himself and absolutely...continued

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Paul H.
Review from Paul H.
6 events 3 reviews

Our family ( 2 adults and 3 teenagers) all loved the Penn & Teller show! Their tricks are wonderful, the "banter" funny, and even after they share 'magic secrets' they still leave you amazed!

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