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Merrie Gayle Freeman
Review from Merrie Gayle Freeman
36 events 11 reviews

It is a very unique and funny show! If you have a sense of humor you "should" laugh out loud! I've seen it twice...

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Karl Rotcavich
Review from Karl Rotcavich
17 events 9 reviews

Funny show.

Worth the money to see a couple good looking men playing with their penises

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Review from GoldStarFan116
37 events 7 reviews

Great for a few laughs and something different to do than the usual Vegas attractions. Lots of people were there for special occasions like birthdays and bachelor or bachelorette parties, and those folks seemed to be having a real blast. The...continued

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Cordelia M.
Review from Cordelia M.
19 events 6 reviews

It was ok. To be honest, for a large group of mostly heterosexual women, it might be better to not have 2 obviously gay actors for this kind of show.

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Grant Beckwith
Review from Grant Beckwith
98 events 4 reviews

This show was hilarious! Robert and Jamie had the entire audience laughing for the full length of the show. Never a dull moment. Fun fact the ticket allows you an open bar at the strip club next door. So you get to see d*ck and t*ts with this...continued

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Martin Zellers
Review from Martin Zellers
6 events 2 reviews

Met some friends of one of the actors in the lobby who invited me to sit with them. This show great! Funny, interesting and shocking all in one show. Both actors were great and very engaged with the audience. It is a small showroom so you...continued

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Review from Quique
40 events 2 reviews

These guys who performed were great! They gave a vibe that was fun and silly, not weird or creepy. To me, this show was a fun way to embrace the naked body and not feel uncomfortable. Heads up! They do invite guys to come up on stage to try...continued

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Sara Howe
Review from Sara Howe
1 event 1 review

Fantastically funny, both performers worked together very well. I had a blast at this show. Highly recommend to everyone, but here’s a tip, put your damn phone away unless otherwise asked. Don’t be rude to the performers, they obviously put a lot...continued

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Eric Courtney
Review from Eric Courtney
0 events 1 review

Fun for all, all for fun!!!

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Donna McClellan
Review from Donna McClellan
1 event 1 review

I saw this show many years ago on HBO, then when it came to Boston, me & 2 other ladies @ work went to see it. This past Friday night, met up with an old high school friend and laughed really hard! A very unusual, and funny show ... and even...continued

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Brian Lewis
Review from Brian Lewis
5 events 1 review

It was ok, but not as much fun as I expected.

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Gerry Molina
Review from Gerry Molina
1 event 1 review

The show had it’s moments but it did get a little boring about 1/2 way through. I’d recommend it only if you’re looking for cheap entertainment.

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Katlyn Pinter
Review from Katlyn Pinter
1 event 1 review

These guys are funny. I applaud them for showing their junk to the world. The comedian who opened the show was also very funny. Don’t waste money on close seats though. You can see everything from the back because it’s a very small theater.

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Ricardo Furtado
Review from Ricardo Furtado
1 event 1 review

These guys were awesome, dealt with the crowd perfectly, and were a blast. Would recommend to anyone who isnt under 18 and isnt a prude.

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DJ U4ic
Review from DJ U4ic
1 event 1 review

This was a fun night out for our group of three. The "fluffer" comedian was great and the show itself was very funny. I strongly suggest you see this if you are in Las Vegas. The show is short, about 75 minutes, but during that time you will see...continued

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Christopher L Nerbonne
Review from Christopher L Nerbonne
1 event 1 review

This was dumb. I expected men maybe in banana hammocks telling penis jokes, not just 2 dudes playing with themselves. I think the only audience here would be gay dudes, but at that point just go to a strip club. It would be more entertaining

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