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Review from kedavis
88 events 35 reviews

Padded folding chair not very comfortable. Seat next to stage door meant performers often needed to get by me.
I could not watch the double-jointed contortionist or the sword swallower. Other acts were enjoyable.

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Don in Anaheim
Review from Don in Anaheim
172 events 16 reviews

I loved it and hope to see it again! Definitely recommending it to adult-humor friends. It's like Zumanity... acrobats, comedy, story, and jokes rated NC-17 so beware: If you don't like foul-language, nudity, sex jokes, and dark humor, and risk of...continued

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Gary Parsons
Review from Gary Parsons
36 events 14 reviews

Have seen three times before. So much fun and a little on the edge. Great!!!

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Gary Parsons
Review from Gary Parsons
36 events 14 reviews

Third time we have seen Opium in two months. Truly funny infectious show.

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Review from ali178
47 events 13 reviews

Super fun show- definitely rated R and noticed some people leaving. Make sure this is your style of entertainment before buying.

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John Naughton
Review from John Naughton
38 events 9 reviews

This show is full of surprises !

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Review from DESERT RAT
8 events 6 reviews

A fun evening. The performers were very talented. Lots of laughs. Audience participation added to the fun. The show really moved. not a dull moment.

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Review from Michael
6 events 5 reviews

IT was a really good show. I had seen and loved Absinthe. I saw that show twice and would see it again. This show was good and I would definitely recommend, but once it enough. It had a lot of great and amazing acts (the bubble guy was...continued

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Angela Mendoza
Review from Angela Mendoza
16 events 5 reviews

Shocking..hilarious and FUN . thank you

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Mr. Mom
Review from Mr. Mom
21 events 5 reviews

This show is naughty good fun. It is not for uptight, conservative kids, but rather for broad-minded, fun-loving adults. We were particularly impressed with the crazy audience participation. Truly one of those, what happens in Vegas, stays in...continued

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Karla Kwist
Review from Karla Kwist
6 events 3 reviews

Creative, funny and a blast! I liked this better than their sister show Absynthe.

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Eric Woodruff
Review from Eric Woodruff
4 events 3 reviews

Show was raunchy and hilarious. Would go back again.

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Emily Pascal
Review from Emily Pascal
4 events 3 reviews

Talent was wonderful. Go to support their hard work and amazing skills. As a huge fan of absinthe I was really disappointed in the attempt at a through line. It relied on obvious jokes and played for laughs. The joy of Absinthe is the emcee is...continued

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Review from Jennifer
9 events 2 reviews

GREAT variety show but not for the easily offended. I was wowed by the acts we saw. And when something amazing wasnt happening, I was laughing so hard I cried. Or in the captains case I laughed while being amazed! Dont compare to its sister show...continued

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Sarah Bontrager
Review from Sarah Bontrager
2 events 2 reviews

Super funny! Intimate theater and great acts! Worth paying more than what we got it for on here!

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Michael Wilson
Review from Michael Wilson
2 events 2 reviews

The individual performances were very good. Just did not care for the general feel of the show. Would have preferred some good well thought out comedy between the acts rather than the raunchy references/performances that did not display any...continued

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Martin Zellers
Review from Martin Zellers
6 events 2 reviews

We were not sure what to expect. Our group loved the show! There were many smaller acts which kept us all entertained. It was kind of funny as the sword swallower we saw ealier as a model at the Temptation pool party! I had no idea he had...continued

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Andrew Martinez
Review from Andrew Martinez
1 event 1 review

All the performances were great. Comedy that was blended in the mix by the Flight Crew and Captain was awesome. I will definitely see this show again.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 1 review

Complete waste of 90 min. Spiegel world should be embarrassed of this poor attempt at a show.

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Kay Campbell
Review from Kay Campbell
1 event 1 review

Funny , mind blowing , crazy fun . Really talented cast . Loved it

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