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DogMom Rhonda
Review from DogMom Rhonda
Red Velvet 204 events 143 reviews

Didn't realize this was a Christmas show, thought I was seeing the standard one. If you love Christmas music, it's a safe bet. Otherwise, it will feel kind of meh. There's no doubt he's super talented, but the content, audience Q&A (felt lazy)...continued

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Review from Everglades
Red Velvet 74 events 16 reviews

LOVED it!! He is always wonderful!!

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Theresa Russell
Review from Theresa Russell
Red Velvet 36 events 3 reviews

Great seat. He was fantastic! Would love to see the show again.

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Elaine Manley
Review from Elaine Manley
Red Velvet 28 events 2 reviews

He put on a great show and then invited everyone to join him at the Parlor Lounge where he performed with another singer and his piano player - a double treat. Highly recommend going on a Wednesday night.

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Review from TinaT
47 events 31 reviews

Hate to say it, but he's getting stale. Probably didn't help that we say Mat Franco the day before and he was absolutely fantastic! My teenagers didn't enjoy Terry Fator at all...so many references were to older music and comedy was geared toward...continued

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Review from PPH
41 events 29 reviews

OMG! Terry was great on AGT (and won!); seeing him live in Vegas was absolutely fantastic! The Terry Fator Theatre is "small" but large enough so that the site lines to the stage are great. It's even better that while Terry is onstage, there...continued

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Review from Lynne
58 events 18 reviews

Terry Fator is amazing and so talented. Not only can he sing well but he can sing in different voices, male and female. But not only can he sing in different male and female voices, he can do it without moving his lips. But not only can he do all...continued

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Review from cnj
21 events 8 reviews

Had a great time. What an entertainer.

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Dave Hamblin
Review from Dave Hamblin
9 events 4 reviews

Great Seats!
We had a wonderful time.
Terry Fator is amazing!
Thanks Goldstar!

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Review from Jon
6 events 4 reviews

It was a nice Christmas themed show. Terry is a very talented singer. I wasn't blown away by the production but we did enjoy the show. There wasn't a dull moment and quite few laughs.

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ed gross
Review from ed gross
18 events 4 reviews

Terry has a great voice. We enjoyed the show.

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Tracy Locanto
Review from Tracy Locanto
8 events 3 reviews

The show was very entertaining. Terry Fator has amazing talent. He can sing and do amazing impressions as a ventriloquist .

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Brian Sullivan
Review from Brian Sullivan
24 events 2 reviews

It was a very enjoyable show. He is a very talented and it was a show that the whole family could enjoy. I would highly recommend it.

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Tammy Themmen
Review from Tammy Themmen
22 events 2 reviews

Terry is so incredibly talented. The show is great

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John E Slowiak
Review from John E Slowiak
2 events 1 review

Great show from start to finish, no dull moments. Nice to see all the celebrities used in the show. Made it feel like Vegas.

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DeeAnn Emmer
Review from DeeAnn Emmer
3 events 1 review

If you are a devout republican, you might enjoy the swipes and the disrespect he demonstrated to our president. Fator's skill is undeniable--he should just stick to that instead of alienating part of his fan base who just want to hear what he does...continued

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Aurora Coppola
Review from Aurora Coppola
1 event 1 review

It was a very funny show. Terry Fator has an incredible singing voice and his ability mimic numerous singers from different genres was amazing. All four of us all loved the Terry Fator show! We highly recommend seeing this show!

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Gail R Frazier
Review from Gail R Frazier
1 event 1 review

Terry Fator is fantastic performer. The range of his speaking and singing voice and not moving his mouth...unbelievable. All the characters are great, I especially loved the singing turtle. Loved the show!!

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Review from Em
4 events 1 review

Terry is an amazing talent. The show was really fun for my fiancé and I. He has a genuine likability and we left in great moods. He is also incredibly generous with 100% of the proceeds from sales of t-shirts, etc. going to charities for wounded...continued

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Tammy A Doak
Review from Tammy A Doak
13 events 1 review

What a wonderful entertaining show. Would go see him again! Only issue we had was our ticket purchase information was not sent over to the mirage from goldstar. So make sure you print your order into with confirmation number in case that happens...continued

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