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Doris Mazell
Review from Doris Mazell
Red Velvet 226 events 51 reviews

Excellent performance and play. Christopher was amazing and having a grandson who is on the spectrum this play really touched my heart. Thank you Aurora Theater for another wonderful performance.

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Doris Mazell
Review from Doris Mazell
Red Velvet 226 events 51 reviews

Having a grandson on the spectrum this play gave me a glimpse of some of his feelings and thoughts that he may be experiencing. Wonderful performance.

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Steve Hagen
Review from Steve Hagen
50 events 21 reviews

This Aurora production was superior to the London production!! See it!!!

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Review from yogalisa
51 events 16 reviews

We loved how creatively they staged the play. It was quite fun. The lead actor does an incredible job of taking you into the story. It is worth seeing....one caveat....it's about 3 hours long (a little editing by the playwright would have...continued

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Derek H. Bambach
Review from Derek H. Bambach
52 events 8 reviews

Great! Loved it.

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Heidi Locke Switzer
Review from Heidi Locke Switzer
9 events 5 reviews

I didn't know what to expect but I ended up being blown away. The main actor is phenomenal - he draws you in and keeps you riveted. I would highly recommend this play!!

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Margie Osheroff
Review from Margie Osheroff
10 events 4 reviews

The show is extraordinary (saw it 4 times at Horizon Theatre where it played first). Brandon who plays Christopher, a teenager with Autism, is ridiculously talented and his performance and the graphics on the
set allow the audience to view the...continued

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Victoria Wood
Review from Victoria Wood
19 events 4 reviews

This was an amazing play! The actors were great. If you know anything about autism spectrum the acting was spot on! You have to understand autism to really understand what is going on, or why things are relevant

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Taffy Mccormick
Review from Taffy Mccormick
7 events 2 reviews

I loved this performance, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster as the main character relived his story through a performance that was unbelievably good. I’m sorry I did not purchase tickets for every...continued

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Jason Bernardo
Review from Jason Bernardo
7 events 1 review

I'd give ity 10 stars if I could! Easily some of the best theatre I have seen in Atlanta.

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Mary Switzer
Review from Mary Switzer
4 events 1 review

Incredible production! The set was stunning and the acting - especially the lead - was spectacular!

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