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Review from Mary
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Very well done performance with two of Atlanta's best performers! There were some interesting surprises that would have you thinking twice about sharing your home with a total stranger. The ending left me with a few questions, but I consider...continued

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Toni Kizer
Review from Toni Kizer
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Great acting and good moral of the story. If you are a bad influence on others, remove yourself from the environment to protect those you care about.

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Review from Kim
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I really enjoyed this play. The characters were relatable and the story itself was both novel and interesting

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Review from Shelley
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It was just weird. Not sure exactly what to think about it.

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Francyann Edwards
Review from Francyann Edwards
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The acting was super and there were some funny lines but over all we just didn’t get this play other then neither lady was happy with their life. It was a dark comedy.

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Review from Diana
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Well acted show on a magnificent set. We were pleasantly surprised with the first row seats we got even though we purchased same day. Fun evening.

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Sharman Colosetti
Review from Sharman Colosetti
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Fabulous play! They hit every social issue in a thought provoking and entertaining way.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Five people in my row of seats fell asleep during the performance. Very slow.

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Review from Sheila
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I absolutely loved this play, and being from The Bronx made it even more hilarious.

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Cheryl A. Hdson
Review from Cheryl A. Hdson
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It was a realistic play known only to a few. Great performance by both leading ladies.

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Review from Natalie
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The Roommate was hilarious. It is a MUST SEE. One of the best production I have seen. Thumbs up!!!

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Review from auntget
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When did homosexuality become funny? When did drugs becoming so hilarious? As a Christian I was so offended. Surely there are better topics that could be used to represent some moral values.

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Christine Schneider
Review from Christine Schneider
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Wonderful performance of a surprisingly edgy play.

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