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Ngan N. Nguyen
Review from Ngan N. Nguyen
40 events 29 reviews

My first time attending a winery comedy tour and it entertaining. The first comedian was really awesome. However, it got somewhat awkward with the second comedian when he called out a guest sitting directly in front of him who was texting. They...continued

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Michael LeBauer
Review from Michael LeBauer
24 events 15 reviews

The headliner got into a heckling battle with a woman in the audience. It threw him off his game. The opener was funnier and had better audience interaction. Service was slow and the wine too young.

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Review from Legalstorms
48 events 9 reviews

Winery was great. Found some wines we really like. Enjoyed a tasting then split a bottle. Ordered a cheese plate and margarita pizza, which were perfect. But, the comedians were not particularly fun. Very amateur.

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Maria Recio
Review from Maria Recio
61 events 6 reviews

Never seen anything like it - high drama in the middle of a comedy set. A woman stormed the performance area and started calling out the comic, even taking the mike for a minute. At first, I thought this was part of the act. But it was soon clear...continued

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Gail Serenco
Review from Gail Serenco
18 events 2 reviews

Although the wine and food was great, the comedians were not. In fact, the first one was pretty painful to sit through.

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Louise Washburn
Review from Louise Washburn
2 events 2 reviews

I loved the winery itself. It had a lot of character and the staff was nice. We also had a bite to eat and the food was acceptable. As far as the comedians were concerned, I would give them a six out of 10. Too much laughing on their part and...continued

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Ronald Kral
Review from Ronald Kral
3 events 2 reviews

The two Comics had some moments of humor but largely were not terribly funny. The wine However was excellent.

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Review from Melinda
3 events 2 reviews

We really enjoyed this! The performers were very different so each of the four of us had our favorite but we all enjoyed the headliner, Cody Woods. Venue great! My only complaint is that Herron Entertainment’s website doesn’t give enough info so...continued

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Travis Riggs
Review from Travis Riggs
0 events 1 review

A great concept. Not executed especially well.

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Alison Papazian
Review from Alison Papazian
3 events 1 review

Comedians weren’t funny...almost depressing. Winery was fine

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Sallie Willows
Review from Sallie Willows
1 event 1 review

Had a lot of fun!

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Sofia Mann
Review from Sofia Mann
5 events 1 review

It was just ok for us. The first comedian was not funny at all. The second comedian was funny in the beginning but then got just nasty.

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Mike Barvinchak
Review from Mike Barvinchak
1 event 1 review

Keep in mind you paid $10-$15 for a ticket, so dont go in expecting to see a top rated comedian and you'll likely enjoy a night out and some wine.

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Elaine Steele
Review from Elaine Steele
3 events 1 review

The comics seemed surprised by their audience and some guests arrived late, some jokes were very good, many were a bit flat. The winery itself was really lovely -- nice wines, fantastic charcuterie board and relaxed but elegant atmosphere.

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Amy Hall
Review from Amy Hall
0 events 1 review

The sound system was very bad. The female comic was funny but we couldn't hear 50% of her jokes.

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Andrew Stephens
Review from Andrew Stephens
1 event 1 review

The wine and the comedy were both disappointing. I left wine in my glass (a rare event for me!) and left before the last comedian finished his routine.

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David Wenner
Review from David Wenner
2 events 1 review

This is the second time we've done this. The show was okay. The comedians (three this time instead of only two last time we were here) were not bad but their microphone had so much static, that they stopped using it. So it was hard to hear them....continued

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Bonne Benton
Review from Bonne Benton
1 event 1 review

We had a very nice time. Both comedians had some pretty funny moments and the size of the crowd was great, not too big, not too small. The winery was beautiful and the food/wine was delicious.

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Review from deanna422
10 events 1 review

We went into it not sure what to expect and this was such a great night! The winery had not just wine but also wine slashes and pizzas available for sale. Mary Santora was hysterical - this was a great event!

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Review from Diane
2 events 1 review

Wine was good. Location was very festive. The comedians needed some help and should look for new careers.

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