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quinton kramer
Review from quinton kramer
33 events 17 reviews

The Aquarium is beautiful and filled with a variety of sea life that is fascinating. It is a great place for small children as well as adults.

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Lea P.
Review from Lea P.
56 events 17 reviews

While the exhibits and shows at the Aquarium of the Pacific can't hold a candle to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago or the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it's the best available marine life experience in the SoCal area. The $15.50 (including service fee)...continued

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Review from leila
30 events 16 reviews

i love the Aquarium... we'd been members for years, but i didn't know if my daughter would still be into it as she had been in the past... needless to say, we renewed our membership...
thank you Goldstar for allowing us to reaquaint ourselves w/...continued

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Review from jcbaylis@gmail.com
35 events 16 reviews

It was great! The facility is not crowded at that time, so my little grand kids could see everything and were not intimidated by the crowds. We have used these tickets several times, and will continue to do so. When it's not crowded, one can...continued

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Review from Oluchi
22 events 16 reviews

My daughter-in-law and 7 of my grandchildren went
with me. Five of the grands were ages 13 to 21 y/o.
All of us enjoyed it and learned alot while spending a great time together. There is something
for almost every interest. The 5 y/o liked...continued

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Carmen Sanchez
Review from Carmen Sanchez
30 events 16 reviews

The event was awesome. The time that we allowed to be there was perfect. 3pm - 6pm especially with kids.

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Nancy Carroll
Review from Nancy Carroll
25 events 16 reviews

This is a lovely aquarium to visit. It's nicely laid out, and the exhibits were varied and interesting. The highlight had to be the touch pools with the rays in them. It was fascinating catching a glimpse into another world. Visit in the afternoon...continued

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Peter Wilkening
Review from Peter Wilkening
49 events 14 reviews

General admission ($25) is expensive for what you get. The $15.50 we paid was acceptable. Not many people were there when we attended and some eating venues inside the complex were closed. Interesting exhibits and displays a worthwhile...continued

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Mario Vanegas
Review from Mario Vanegas
37 events 14 reviews

It was my second time there. I usually got to Zoos for my bday, because I love animals. So this time I decided to visit the aquarium after 2 hours and a half of whale watching. The aquarium is really nice and looks like it will be even nicer later...continued

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Pat Reid
Review from Pat Reid
56 events 12 reviews

Fabulous, fun place. Penguins and new baby sea lion are awesome. Cool plce to spend summer evening.

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Pamela Gray
Review from Pamela Gray
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Review from dsrotert
27 events 12 reviews

Much more than I expected, this aquarium ranks among the best we have seen. With lots of hands-on activities we were all entertained and this is among all adults! (Frankly much of it is wasted on the kids even though they are a natural to bring...continued

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Wendy Ruth
Review from Wendy Ruth
69 events 12 reviews

This worked out well for a school holiday! Arriving after 3, it was a little less crowded and we saw everything. It was tough to fit in one of the 4-D experiences but my 6-yr olds had plenty else to do. Having so many dinner options within...continued

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Lorena Oaxaca Schami
Review from Lorena Oaxaca Schami
37 events 11 reviews

I took my grandkids 5 and 7 and niece who is 14 and
had never been. She really had alot of fun. The
little ones like going there at least once a month.
They love touching the sea stars and sea urchins and the sharks and sting rays. We will...continued

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Review from samantha
29 events 11 reviews

I took my friends children, 5 and 6 years old. They LOVED being able to touch the Rays,the Sharks and the starfish. They thought it was the coolest to see all of the different fish from various types of waters- the tropical were their favorite.

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Philip C.
Review from Philip C.
39 events 11 reviews

The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great place to educate and entertain. It's best for families with young children, but adults can also enjoy the interactive exhibits. You can pace yourself leisurely and go through the whole place in less than two...continued

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Review from MSerna
60 events 11 reviews

Very fun. Adults can get through the exhibit quickly. Weekdays are very quiet.

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Marcie Gorham
Review from Marcie Gorham
22 events 10 reviews

Aquarium of the Pacific is alright, nothing compare to Sea life park in San Diego..The fish tanks looked ok..There is really nothing to rave about, or make you run for it>We had a lovely time with our *8years old..not sure when we will lan to get...continued

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Wanda Borgerding
Review from Wanda Borgerding
20 events 10 reviews

Crowded. Okay. Parents with kids seemed to enjoy it!

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Review from ND
13 events 10 reviews

Great time, especially recommended for families. Two of the shows were canceled on the day we went, which was unfortunate, but overall it was very pleasant.

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