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Review from Harriett
29 events 10 reviews

Great venue for adults and children. Variety of animals and some that can be touched.

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Debra P.
Review from Debra P.
14 events 10 reviews

I had a great time at the aquarium. There are many things to see and do. You could spend many hours there enjoying all the exhibits

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Y. Perkins
Review from Y. Perkins
38 events 10 reviews

I took my nephews (ages 3 and 1). They had a ball and I have to admit so did I. I think 3p-6p was enough time to see everything. I would recommend going to the Aquarium. Thanks Goldstar!!
P.S. I just remembered 1 negative: The birds were...continued

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Kevin T.
Review from Kevin T.
35 events 10 reviews

I went to the Aquarium a year ago when my daughter was just over a year old. Even at that young age, I could tell she was fascinated by the fish. I took her again this week to see her new reactions, and she just giggled and pointed to the fish...continued

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Review from Bridget
20 events 10 reviews

It is a very special place, a fantasy land. It is really incredible that there can be so many strange and wonderful things in the sea, especially the sea dragons.
We were unable to go on the day I had bought the tickets for, and Goldstar was...continued

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Cathy Fahey
Review from Cathy Fahey
13 events 10 reviews

It was fun for the kids. Beautiful aquarium. nice that you can interact and touch some of the animals. Learn a lot about the animals. Kids got a kick out of it!

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Review from Adriana
43 events 10 reviews

It was great!

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Temmie Rosenthal
Review from Temmie Rosenthal
27 events 10 reviews

My 8 year old thought it was cool. Also educational. Had a fun time. He even liked the birds until one bit him. He's fine.

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Carmella M. Bailey
Review from Carmella M. Bailey
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Lora Guerrero
Review from Lora Guerrero
23 events 10 reviews

Seeing marine life is never a dull moment. We loved our time there

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Review from Suzette
9 events 9 reviews

Been there before and won't go anymore. Very general and boring. Great first time and for young children.

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Vicki Fahrenholz
Review from Vicki Fahrenholz
44 events 9 reviews

Perfect time of day to go - not too busy between 3 and 6. Super fun with all the feeding times and the friendliness of the staff. Recommend highly to all!!!

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Laura Bell
Review from Laura Bell
9 events 9 reviews

The Aquarium of the Pacific is an excellent aquarium. We especially enjoyed the otters. The beautiful fish, the amusing sea birds and the elusive rays were among other favorites. Since our tickets were 1/2 price and we could not enter until...continued

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Review from AllenS
13 events 8 reviews

Fun place to visit. Enjoyed Shark Lagoon. We were able to get in about 30 minutes earlier than the ticket said.

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Maria Migliore
Review from Maria Migliore
41 events 8 reviews

great deal! We had a great time and it's not crowded at all during the week.

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Heather Errico
Review from Heather Errico
28 events 8 reviews

Great for kids. Take a walk and see the Queen Mary and the Lighthouse. Let the kids play in the splash pad and cool off. Touch some starfish and stingrays! And no traffic heading back North on the 405! Love it!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
24 events 8 reviews

I had such a wonderful time here. The staff is so friendly and helpful. It is such a relaxing and entertaining place to spend your day. I loved all of the hands on aspects - such as touching a sting-ray, a shark, or getting to feed the birds. ...continued

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Sally M.
Review from Sally M.
26 events 8 reviews

lots of fun - great for kids

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Review from Jerilyn
36 events 8 reviews

The Aquarium was great. This was not my first time going to the Aquarium, but this time was different. The sea animals were very active and the exhibits were great and very educational. It is a great experience for adults as well as kids.

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Marjorie Marantz
Review from Marjorie Marantz
13 events 8 reviews

There were many interesting exhibits. My grandson and I enjoyed the opportunity to touch a jellyfish, watch a dragon fish in its natural habitat, and see a crab shell that was discarded by a crab that will eventually grow to be five feet high and...continued

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