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Review from Gina
15 events 8 reviews

We went on Memorial Day which was a bit of a mistake because so many people were also there. The aquarium was a treat. Very clean, informative and a great way to spend a few hours of the day. My daughter needed to do a extra credit for her...continued

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AnnMarie Murray
Review from AnnMarie Murray
11 events 8 reviews

What a fantastic place! We were constantly amazed at the different forms of life that live in the sea. Will certainly go back for another visit.

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Pam Wood
Review from Pam Wood
19 events 7 reviews

A very worthwhile experience. There is a lot to do. There are a great variety of fish and the tanks are well kept. The shows were good, but it was difficult to see most of them, because the crowds were so large.

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Susan Quillan
Review from Susan Quillan
20 events 7 reviews

Don't miss the sea dragon or the jellies. Good rainy day fun.

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stacie lyn
Review from stacie lyn
24 events 7 reviews

Educational and pleasant day.

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Tien Ngo
Review from Tien Ngo
17 events 7 reviews

I went to the Long Beach Aquarium, & I loved it. I got to touch some of the marine animals such as the jelly fish, star fish, etc. I got to run around & played & played under the sprayed water at the boat.

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Andrea Brigette
Review from Andrea Brigette
16 events 7 reviews

it was bigger than i thought with outside exhibits. i loved that there were interactive things as well as employees at the displays.

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Connie Chevalier
Review from Connie Chevalier
61 events 7 reviews

Limited varieties of exhibits to view. A little boring.

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Julissa Leon
Review from Julissa Leon
60 events 7 reviews

Overall, we had a great time, my daughter loved it. Some construction going on but did not affect our experience.

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Tien Ngo
Review from Tien Ngo
17 events 7 reviews

The show was spectacular. My daughter loved it.

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Amberlyn Storey
Review from Amberlyn Storey
11 events 7 reviews

very nice aquarium. Bought a year pass. Things are clean and well laid out. Can be a bit crowded when schools come. People can sometimes be obnoxious and ruin your experience too but that isn't the aquariums fault. My only complaint is pricing is...continued

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Review from maro
14 events 7 reviews

We really enjoyed the Aquarium.
You are allowed to touch a lot of animals in the water, it was so nice !

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Richard Krelle
Review from Richard Krelle
11 events 7 reviews

Wonderful place!

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Alejandra Miles
Review from Alejandra Miles
68 events 7 reviews

Wonderful experience for any ages

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Review from David
75 events 6 reviews

A very impressive edifice, very nicely set up, and parking was convenient. The Aquarium exhibits were very handsomely presented, although I was marginally less impressed by the actual fish than at some other aquaria. This is not to say that there...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
16 events 6 reviews

Aquarium was a nice visit. The description of the event read 3-6pm, but we were there past 6pm.

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Review from Sandra
17 events 6 reviews

can get a little chilly in parts. arrive early for the seal and sea lion event to secure a seat. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE VISITORS' GUIDE FIRST! only when we got home did we realize we had missed the bird, whale and garden areas!

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Review from juans2496
16 events 6 reviews

Excellent time to visit the Aquarium. There was not a big crowd. 3 hours is ample time to view and enjoy all the exhibits. Don't forget to dine at one of many possible restaurants in the area too.

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Anita Castle
Review from Anita Castle
16 events 6 reviews

Fun place, especially for kids. There are sea otters, arctic foxes, an aviary, sharks, and awesome tanks! Definitely worth the ticket price.

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Claire Beaulieu
Review from Claire Beaulieu
13 events 6 reviews

Had not been for several years, and was looking forward to bringing my only grandson. It was good, EXCEPT that the Otter Exhibit, which is mine, and others favorite WAS CLOSED UNTIL MARCH! (or so) This was very disappointing, as I was really...continued

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