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1 viejita soltera
Review from 1 viejita soltera
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Horribly over-crowded as it was a holiday weekend and kids were out of control, running every which way, making it difficult to enjoy the exhibits and actually dangerous for some of the older senior citizens that I encountered. Other aquariums...continued

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Review from Wendell
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I enjoyed the event. The day that we went (Valentine's day, president's day weekend), the Aquarium was open until 9pm, so extra bonus. After purchasing tickets on Goldstar, saw that Aquarium website had an after 5pm entrance fee of $11.95. D'Oh!...continued

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Review from Mai
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It was nice, the venue is not as large as I thought it was but it was still interesting to see all the various sea life.

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Naz F.
Review from Naz F.
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Its wonderful for small children. But be sure to bring them a change of clothes and have children them wear short sleeves

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Goldstar Member
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Not a very big place. It mostly seems to be for kids. There were a few interesting things to see, but it would not be worth paying full price.

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Review from jacquiek
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OMG! I loved this event so much I bought a years pass! It was Great! I love salt water fish! You can't miss this event.

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Review from William
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On our trip to visit Long Beach State for my daughter,we had a few hours to kill in the afternoon .Spent an hour or so walking the marina area,before entering the Aquarium.Found a great restaruant to have dinner at(Longboards)& entered about...continued

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Jazzy Donna McDonald
Review from Jazzy Donna McDonald
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The kids had fun , even those somethings were close ...

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Review from Kathie
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This made for an entertaining afternoon for our family. From 3:00 to 6:00 was a good time to go, actually, because a lot of the summr camp kids had already departed, so it wasn't too crowded. The aquarium wasn't as large as we expected, but...continued

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This place had shows to see, different aquariums with different animals and creatures, we could touch some of the sea creatures and what not, and have the experience of being a part of the whales journey. My friends and I had a Wonderful and...continued

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Nancy Brightwell
Review from Nancy Brightwell
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Took my 2 grandkids..........they enjoyed touching the manta rays, sand sharks. When we arrived at 3pm we were told the 4d turtle movie ran every 20 min., but when we went back at 4:45, they said we missed the the last show at 4:40 (closing time...continued

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We had a wonderful time! Be smart with your purchase..... Purchase on a Friday evening when they have the "Extended Hours Evening Promo for Spring!" We gained entry at 3pm and it closed at 9pm! What a value! :D

The only down side is that the...continued

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What a great little aquarium! Goldstar is the right way to do this. You only really need three hours to get thru the entire thing. There are lots of touch pools, and some good programing and shows to watch. My only complaint is that the signage...continued

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Review from boone52
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Anticipation was great for the kids, although they got bored quickly (ages 3 to 6). Still they loved the passport stamping, the playground area, and the fish petting,although it was difficult for them to access the fish (can't make fish respond...continued

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Erin Cruz
Review from Erin Cruz
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Best time to go...hardly anybody there!

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Review from joete5
12 events 5 reviews

Extremely crowded

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Beth D
Review from Beth D
15 events 5 reviews

It was great! I love all the interactive exhibits and the staff was extremely knowledgable about the topics. Will definitely go back!

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Harold Betz
Review from Harold Betz
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It was nice but didn't like all the political jabs at big business. This world will not survive without industries that support the working class.. This aquarium does not compare to the aquarium that once was in Palos Verdes back in the 50's...continued

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Review from Ana
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KIds had a lot of fun, specially when trainers were available to provide information.
The bird cage is always a great experience.

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Maya Kamar
Review from Maya Kamar
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loved it!! bought it season tickets.

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