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Review from G,H.
Red Velvet 1108 events 493 reviews

August Wilson's wonderful plays are not performed nearly enough. I had never seen Seven Guitars and was ecstatic at the prospect of having a chance to get closer to viewing the complete cycle. It was an exhilarating performance! Do not miss it.

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Diane Oliver
Review from Diane Oliver
Red Velvet 14 events 2 reviews

It was a grand Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock mix. We really enjoyed the rhythmic flow of characters and events leading to the conclusion. What a tradgic comedy of 'whatever can go wrong'! Yes, I would see it again. I have already shared...continued

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Theresa Morrison
Review from Theresa Morrison
73 events 36 reviews

Wonderful and talented cast!! Thanks to the Long Beach Playhouse, I have now seen 7 of the 10 August Wilson plays. I would love to see Seven Guitars again and I highly recommend it to everyone especially those who are avid August Wilson fans.

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Keith Davis
Review from Keith Davis
51 events 23 reviews

Excellent production. The entire cast gave a stellar performance. August Wilson is a brilliant screenwriter. I am looking forward to seeing more stage plays at this caliber at the Long Beach Playhouse.

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Harold Burnett
Review from Harold Burnett
22 events 15 reviews

The actress who plays Louise is the strongest actor in the cast. Guy who plays Floyd is also good. Set is adequate & a truly entertaining evening. This prod has a really long running time. This is NOT one of my favorites in the 10-play series. I...continued

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Karin Peavy
Review from Karin Peavy
60 events 13 reviews

Great production. Really enjoyed the acting.

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Stephanie Whitfield
Review from Stephanie Whitfield
9 events 5 reviews

WARNING: PLAY IS 2 hours & 45 mins, plus 15 min intermission. Good acting, nice production value and free parking behind the theater. Pacing dragged on a lot which I believe could have chopped off 45 minutes of the play. Some nice moments. ...continued

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Qiana Heidelberg
Review from Qiana Heidelberg
44 events 4 reviews

Excellent performers and play! Nice intimate playhouse. All seats are great.

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Ivy Harrell
Review from Ivy Harrell
9 events 4 reviews

The actors were very good, however, I had a hard time hearing them much of the time. I think a lot had to do with stage and seating layout, I was in the C section. I nodded off because I was not engaged due partly I'm sure because their backs were...continued

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Akosua Hobert
Review from Akosua Hobert
9 events 3 reviews

It was dramatic and moving. You started on time. It was long so we appreciated a short intermission.
Thank you for hosting it.
Akosua Pierce

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Review from Melyscott
5 events 2 reviews

Great Ensemble Cast!!!

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Denise Willson
Review from Denise Willson
2 events 1 review

August Wilson is one of the finest writers of the 20th century. He is a realist and symbolist par excellence, full of idealism yet realism, much like Tennessee Williams. He has the power to lace ugly reality with the silver threads of hope and...continued

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Thea Wilson
Review from Thea Wilson
1 event 1 review

Great venue, the Long Beach Playhouse, Main Stage. The actors were great and very relatable, even at this time and age.

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Sonja Marie
Review from Sonja Marie
2 events 1 review

Had just an Ok experience. The tickets were bought on August Wilson’s name alone; brilliant playwright. Other than that, everything was LuKE WaRm. The reception area and the people who worked at the venue weren’t inviting. The production was 2...continued

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Martin Foner
Review from Martin Foner
39 events 1 review

Quite the cast... WIlson is a great writer.but these folks really enhanced and played Broadway quality professionally.

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Kip Hogan
Review from Kip Hogan
1 event 1 review

This show was excellently directed, staged and performed. It was tense, funny, thrilling and surprising at the same time. I loved it

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