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Sue Okazaki
Review from Sue Okazaki
65 events 30 reviews

had been to Bobbie Burlesque's Tim Burton production which was my first time attending a burlesque show. Loved it! Now having watched the Exotic Tiki show, Bobbie truly knows talented dancers. The dancers are beautiful, fun, engaging, and the...continued

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Review from Garik
131 events 13 reviews

Very Funny! Come early if you want good seats.

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Review from Will
38 events 8 reviews

Great show. loved Tito Bandido Couldnt have picked the most perfect person to MC.

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Michael Brown
Review from Michael Brown
51 events 8 reviews

Was pretty amateurish. Nothing interesting or special, kept hoping the next performer would be better but they were all pretty bad. They hyped the performers but then we were let down. MC was the only mildly amusing of the bunch but even then he...continued

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Review from keja
10 events 6 reviews

Very well done, dancers are great, hostess...fun, even if I would have rather seen more dancing.
The venue is not good for this show as there are a lot of blind spots (unless you seat in the preferred seating area which is sold out months in...continued

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Shelia B
Review from Shelia B
16 events 5 reviews

Got there on time but recommend at least 30 minutes before the show in order to have a wider choice of reserved seating. We sat on barstools and would have preferred a cozy booth.

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Alicia Ramos
Review from Alicia Ramos
27 events 5 reviews

Harvelle's in Long Beach is a small venue and visibility is a little blocked no matter where you sit/stand. But this is something you deal with a lot at smaller venues and you just get used to it. I loved the energy and creativity of this...continued

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Vivian Rogers
Review from Vivian Rogers
7 events 4 reviews

It was a wonderful show. Entertaining. Production value was very high. So glad I got the opportunity to see it. Well done

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Emmanuelle Marcelin
Review from Emmanuelle Marcelin
11 events 3 reviews

All of the acts were phenomenal. The performers really kept in character throughout their acts. Hats off to the ladies who did catwoman and jack. Such strong performances... They completely stole the show!

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Fernando Lopez
Review from Fernando Lopez
4 events 2 reviews

Amazing performances!!! All your burlesque crushes here at one place

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Fernando Lopez
Review from Fernando Lopez
4 events 2 reviews
Gina Beserra
Review from Gina Beserra
6 events 2 reviews

Seating arrangement is not good, if you have seats, people are standing, it was hard to see the show.

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Erica Elena Estrada
Review from Erica Elena Estrada
6 events 1 review
danesha johnson
Review from danesha johnson
6 events 1 review

Couldnt see the show,stage is blocked.
I Paid for 6 tickets and couldnt see,then was told seats where only for that part of the show and had to move..the worst

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MyQuyniece Starr Hawkins
Review from MyQuyniece Starr Hawkins
7 events 1 review

I didnt know what to expected but it was really nice and fun !! i cant wait to go agian !!

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Review from Giselleivana
2 events 1 review

It was a great portrayal of the show and the producer/MC was amazing. He was nice enough to go around and talk to everyone after the show to see how they liked it& to talk about AHS

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Sophia L Berkley
Review from Sophia L Berkley
2 events 1 review

It was sexxxy as all outdoors! Celebrated my boyfriend's bday with a bang! How can the dancers be classy and raunchy at the same time? Not sure but they were and definitely can't wait to go again!

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Andrea Acevedo-Lamas
Review from Andrea Acevedo-Lamas
4 events 1 review

Second time attending and still an awesome show! (:

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Paulina Jacobs Sanders
Review from Paulina Jacobs Sanders
1 event 1 review

Such a fun experience! The dancers where beautiful and each performance was better than the next. And the MC needs his own show- he was the best!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 1 review

The seating was terrible. Obstructed views. The dance sequins look unchoreographed.

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