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Edward Nieves
Review from Edward Nieves
103 events 28 reviews

Expect to spend more $$$ with appetizers and drinks. When the bill came, we were being charged for the Goldstar tickets we already paid for. I still believe we were charged for one extra ticket and there is 18% gratuity added to the bill. Much...continued

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Review from shawn
89 events 27 reviews

Took my girl out for a surprise dinner night. The Flamenco show was excellent, we both enjoyed ourselves. Just a heads up though, before heading out to the venue I began reading the other reviews on this site and another and found many people were...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
32 events 26 reviews

show is good but short and expensive. food is not good like pig slop so bad stray cats opposums maybe a raccoon or skunk and birds left it. we both took doggie bags. i would reccommend just to watch show with 1-2 drinks. even the inc desert...continued

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Edward W.
Review from Edward W.
161 events 26 reviews

The dancers were wonderful and we enjoyed the meal. However, when we didn't order the most expensive appetizers suggested by our waitress, we got no more smiling face from her during the evening.

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George Nmn Hansel
Review from George Nmn Hansel
45 events 25 reviews

Great Show, The male and female dancers were outstanding, usually the female dancers are the most entertaining but the male dancer was also fabulous, he must have the fastest feet in the West. The musicians were great as well, they complemented...continued

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OC Girlie Girl
Review from OC Girlie Girl
36 events 25 reviews

The ambience was very nice. The waiter was nice. The food was decent. I recommend the salmon. My friend, a head chef had the paella and was not impressed. The show was very 'amatuerish', the music was nice, but the costumes & production quality...continued

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Review from Michele
64 events 25 reviews

Valet parking was great for $9. We ordered tapas on our own because we got to the venue so early. They didn't seat until 6:45. The venue was very nice, full of atmosphere. Salad was very good, paella was just soso, desert was good, service was...continued

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Review from sunquest
32 events 25 reviews

What a great venue and lively performances. Great entertainment after the show without additional cost. Pine Avenue offers an exciting atmosphere. Me and the honey will be there next weekend too!! Thanks Goldstar.

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Jacqueline Ann Maleck
Review from Jacqueline Ann Maleck
64 events 24 reviews

it was high energy and fun!
Goldstar procurred great seats.

I've always wanted to see Flamenco dancing and this fulfilled the desire-

Jackie and Burt

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Diana Casillas
Review from Diana Casillas
48 events 22 reviews

The food was good, and the so were the dancers! The older lady was much more passionate and her two little girls were adorable when it was their turn to dance with her. They picked someone from the audience to come up and dance too, and that was...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
50 events 21 reviews

Smaller cast than Flamenco really requires, but they performed well and with passion. Prepaid meal was disappointing at best. Meager fare. Wine acceptable, but overpriced for the quality served.

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Tami Weiser
Review from Tami Weiser
30 events 20 reviews

Very small stage. Food was ok and Dancer was good.

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Review from Deborah
80 events 18 reviews

The show and food were excellent,much better than expected. However it started poorly with very slow and inappropriate service. It is important that management take heed to this as they did to earlier reviews of poor food. They sure fixed that.now...continued

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Melissa Pontanilla
Review from Melissa Pontanilla
30 events 17 reviews

Took my family here on 05/25. We arrived early and had some sangria (excellent!) and appetizers (free, thanks to the Yelp check-in), which we enjoyed. In addition to the three-course meal included with the dinner show, we ordered the empanada...continued

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Deborah Jones
Review from Deborah Jones
32 events 17 reviews

We enjoyed the evening. The food was much better than we expected, and the music was very good. However, they really needed stronger dancers and at least one male dancer.

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Cat nut
Review from Cat nut
72 events 16 reviews

I have heard about the restaurant for many years.
When I saw the dinner show, I taught it could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the dinner and some flamenco which I love as well. The show was ok but no what I expected for the price and the...continued

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AnaDelia G.
Review from AnaDelia G.
21 events 16 reviews

I like the location, ambience and deco. Service was good, flamenco artists excellent, they displayed passion, talent and love for their art. Food was well served and nicely presented, our waitress was very efficient and provided good info about...continued

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Review from Dancer62
98 events 16 reviews

The food was good and the dancers were excellent. Great guitarist.
I couldn't eat the shellfish in the main entree so they were cooperative and gave me a substitute dish with chicken instead. We had seats right next to the stage so up front and...continued

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Noemi Bravo
Review from Noemi Bravo
97 events 16 reviews

The show was entertaining. There is a intermission between the two shows. I would recommend anyone to see the show.

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Kool Miss
Review from Kool Miss
102 events 16 reviews

Venue was great. Dancers were very original. Food was good . Very good value for the price. Having gone once, don;t know if I would go back again, but would highly recommend to others. It is a great and different experience.

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