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We loved every thing about it. Fantastic dancing, fantastic singing, fantastic instrumentation. The meal was also very impressive.

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Review from Mel
30 events 9 reviews

I liked this place. I dont know what the other people are talking about when they say that the service was rude. They were really nice to me and my friend. What I do agree with is that the food comes slowly. We were an hour into the performance...continued

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Review from don
14 events 9 reviews

If you get a chance to attend the Flamenco dinner at Sevilla, jump on it!
Fantastic food and even better entertainment. The whole family loved the event..... Gold star continues to rock!

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Rita R.
Review from Rita R.
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Review from Dexoflex
21 events 9 reviews

The dancers were quite good and spirited in their performance, although the "show" really lacked the polish that an emcee would have added to introduce the performers, songs, and to explain some background to the audience. The food was good, but...continued

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Review from CircesApple
20 events 9 reviews

The food was great, the show was phenomenal. The service was just so-so. We had to wait a long time to get our bill at the end. About half of the tables and already emptied and the staff was starting to clean before we had been able to pay.

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Carol R
Review from Carol R
52 events 9 reviews

The food was average; the show was wonderful.

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Nekey Moore
Review from Nekey Moore
15 events 9 reviews

The food wasn't that iimpressive but the dancers were great. It goes on a bit too long, I think with very similar dances - so some change would be good to introduce - it loses the excitment by the end.

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Review from Sona
52 events 9 reviews

very fun event and good choice of spanish food and tapas (great sangria!). The service was slow prior to the start of the show. Luckily we bought our first drink from the bar...but would have liked those refilled at the table a bit quicker. Once...continued

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Anh Lam
Review from Anh Lam
42 events 8 reviews

Excellent!! Great ambiance, dance, music and food. Highly recommended.

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Barbara Powell
Review from Barbara Powell
19 events 8 reviews

Good show. Dinner was average. Hidden fees--not published when tickets were purchased.

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Lucine gharibyan
Review from Lucine gharibyan
29 events 8 reviews

Not exciting. I would pass. Food was flavorless and show wasn't anything worthwhile.

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Review from stamariar
9 events 8 reviews

The food was okay, but the show was excellent. Our seats were excellent!!! Up close and personal.

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Rob Pait
Review from Rob Pait
28 events 8 reviews

The performances were wonderful and authentic. Drinks program is pretty fun, try the sangria flight for a great tasting experience. The small plates are better than the mains; the paella is average, and the salmon went overcooked a bit. 5 for the...continued

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Azita A.
Review from Azita A.
17 events 8 reviews

The show was very nice and the service was good, we had an attentive waitress who explained the options we had and so no complaints on the show or the servie.

The only negative comment I have is that they add a 17% tip based on the whole price...continued

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Review from Sam
33 events 8 reviews

The show was great, the food was tasty, the mojito was pleasant. Getting in is a bit disorganized, but once we were seated it was excellent. As long as you go in knowing that you'll be paying beyond what you paid for the Goldstar. you'll have a...continued

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Susan Jimenez
Review from Susan Jimenez
15 events 8 reviews

We had a great time! We got front row seats and the show was great, the dancers were great. The paella was delicious and the dessert was buenisimo!! Bravo!!

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Frances Perez
Review from Frances Perez
21 events 8 reviews

We loved it. The staff was very friendly. The food was delicious and plentiful. Would love to go again.

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Patricia Castrellon
Review from Patricia Castrellon
35 events 8 reviews

Wonderful place to visit. The food was really good and the enviroment was enjoyable. Would go again. You can also stay for the club after the dinner and show.

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Review from Nancy
21 events 7 reviews

Enjoyed the show! Had a good time. Only complaint is appetizers were only enough for one bite, no joke. However, the dinner was tasty and desert was delicious!
Be prepared to spend more $$ aside from the tickets!

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