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Review from slobuds
10 events 6 reviews

We had a great time watching the flamenco dancers. The waitress was very helpful, but we didn't like their pricing system - they charge a small amount for extra things such as 'spicy sauce' and avocado on the gaspacho soup. Not really a deal...continued

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Review from mnkystar
9 events 6 reviews

We sat upfront and enjoyed a wonderful show with 2 professional dancers, you can feel the passion being put into each step they took. The show was great and the food was one of the best Spanish cuisine we have had in a while, the service was...continued

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Review from katcable
9 events 6 reviews

We went for an anniversary celebration. We had a nice time and it was a good evening.

Food: it was okay. Between a 1-10 (10 being best), I'd rate it a 3. Tapas (extra charge) was FANTASTIC - we got the manchego cheese. Though not a generous...continued

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Review from HARRY RICE
41 events 6 reviews

WE were welcomed graciously and escorted to a tiny table in the space allotted to this event close to the miniscule stage. The waitress explained the 3 course meal we had paid for, and the extras, beverage and additional menu selections. The...continued

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Dana Dees
Review from Dana Dees
12 events 5 reviews

First of all, advertising on Gold Star does not support reality. Dancer with "Flamingo outfit" very different from what you will see. Second, man-dancer does most of the work, and he is very good. Women - dancer was OK. (could be better). Service...continued

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Review from Juan
8 events 5 reviews

The show itself is great. The flamenco dancers were great!!!

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Debra Goldberg
Review from Debra Goldberg
66 events 5 reviews

Everything was great! We were given the best table in the house - right in front of the stage. The performers were great and being so close to the stage really enabled the viewer to feel the passion of the Flamenco. Also, the food and service...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
12 events 5 reviews

Fantastic food and good ambiance. The dancers and musicians were phenomenal and fun to watch!

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Review from M.C.
5 events 5 reviews

Food was fine; waiter was not pushy; preferred to paid $15 for parking next door; performance was fine; seating was a little crowded; was a nice evening. No problem with tickets or seating. My one disappointment: only one dance with castanets. ...continued

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Review from Chrissy
7 events 5 reviews

Great dinner show. Went with 3 children (ages 10, 11, and 12) and 3 adults. Everyone enjoyed the show. The show is part traditional flamenco dancing and part (basically) belly dancing, but both dancers and the guitarists were great. The food was...continued

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Karla And Dan
Review from Karla And Dan
41 events 5 reviews

Great show and good food! Fantastic Happy hour prior to show. Would recommend the venue.

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La'Tonya Rease Miles
Review from La'Tonya Rease Miles
13 events 5 reviews

Thankfully, I read the reviews on Yelp ahead of time, so I was prepared to pay for the tip and tax separately. The show itself was utterly fun. We were (pleasantly) surprised by the intimate seating and how close we were to the stage (which is...continued

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Review from Jeff
16 events 5 reviews

The ambiance is a solid "A." All tables have a good view but arriving early and having a front row seat was an extra bonus. Having recently returned from Barcelona, Spain where we saw genuine Flamenco dancing, we can say that this too is the real...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
13 events 5 reviews

The event was excellent, dinner was very good, the artist were very intertaining. The servers provided excellent curteous service.

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Quynh V.
Review from Quynh V.
7 events 5 reviews

The flamenco show was incredible. If you have the fortune to see Juan Talavera dance, you'll see a great flamenco artist, one of the few in Southern California.
The food was so-so. The paella is too salty and I don't care for the chocolate...continued

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Sonia Marie
Review from Sonia Marie
41 events 5 reviews

The food was great, along with the dancers and singing. I would definitely see this show again.

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Review from Goldstar Member
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Linda Escamilla
Review from Linda Escamilla
12 events 5 reviews

The performers were excellent. The food was good and plentiful. The paella that came with the package was quite a meal and my companions who upgraded to the medallions were raving about how good it was. I read all the comments about how bad and...continued

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Review from lizzyg
16 events 5 reviews

The performers and show are spectacular, but I would not recommend this event to someone who doesn't have money or an appetite on which to splurge.

Thinking we would soon get our food, we'd spent enough money for the event, and a three course...continued

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Adam K
Review from Adam K
7 events 5 reviews

The performance was well presented. The Dancers were excellent. The food was well prepared, but by no means the best Paella I've had out side of Spain. I would recommend this show if you like a different weekend entertainmentexperience.

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