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Medea Hsieh
Review from Medea Hsieh
55 events 5 reviews

The service and dance were great. I was disappointed at the Paella. It had a strange taste.

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Maia B
Review from Maia B
9 events 5 reviews

The show was amazing!!!! But be warned...the service is TERRIBLE at best. The food for the dinner show is mediocre. You aren't given a choice of paella, you are told what they are serving. The site leads you to believe you can order food off the...continued

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Melba Militante
Review from Melba Militante
11 events 5 reviews

Very nice and romantic place. The food was good.

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Diesel 71
Review from Diesel 71
16 events 5 reviews

Wasn't able to go due to family death.I called to change my date so I wouldn't lose the money I spent but Goldstar said that it was too late even though it was 9:30 am the day of to change it. $90.00. Spent on nothing thanks Goldstar for your...continued

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Suzanne Henderson Shipp
Review from Suzanne Henderson Shipp
5 events 5 reviews

We went early to get a booth, and the people were very nice who work there. Had a great Happy Hour martini ($5.00) which went up to $11.00 at the show.

The show was fantastic! Full of energy, great dancing, singing and guitar playing! The...continued

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Review from Anne
11 events 5 reviews

We were very impressed with the music, the singer, and the dancers. Top notch performance.

The food was good. Not fantastic, but not bad at all. Service was good. A fine value for a performance with dinner.

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James Baker
Review from James Baker
34 events 4 reviews

By reading all the reviews from past clients, we were able to avoid all those awkward moments with the waitress about upgrading and had a great time.
We liked eating while watching the show. Dancers were exceptional. Food was yummy. We like.

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Review from n.d.
5 events 4 reviews

Cafe Sevilla had a great ambience, great service and great appetizers. I really didnt enjoy their main course (seafood paella) and it was the only choice. Otherwise, it was a great experience for all 4 of us

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Review from Smanganelli
26 events 4 reviews

Dear Angelenos-

Read all the reviews including mine. Read carefully, understand and believe what you'll be charged at the restaurent. Put that out of your mind and then go and have a ball! The dancers were spectacular, the food plentiful and...continued

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Review from Rebecca
5 events 4 reviews

Fastest Flamenco feet in the West! I could not believe my eyes! Loved the dancing, the ambiance and the food. The service was stellar. Timing of seating, serving of the food, intermission and encore was great. Got the pitcher of Sangria for...continued

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Review from Steven
6 events 4 reviews

First, some innate things... the chairs at the front of the stage are folding wooden chairs that slide you forward off of them and the lighting was somewhat uncomfortably warm (so if you are the type that is cold often, ask for these seatings; for...continued

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Review from Dennis
7 events 4 reviews

Good food, slow service, pleasant entertainment

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Michael Butler
Review from Michael Butler
8 events 4 reviews

I frankly expected more. I hoped to show my love of Spain (food, music, culture) to my two teenage daughters. On this front, they (and I) were unimpressed. Musicians/dancers were clearly not used to performing together. The show was adequate...continued

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Martine Speckler
Review from Martine Speckler
40 events 4 reviews

I went to Cafe Sevilla for Dinner and show and loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!
The decor of the restaurant was really nice, the food was outstanding. My husband got the paella which was very good (most of the time I don’t care for rice but I...continued

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Review from jenya
13 events 4 reviews

It was a fun show and good food.

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Marita Caro
Review from Marita Caro
17 events 4 reviews

It was fun and the dancing was great! The dancers were passionate about their performance. Highly recommended. Can't beat the price .
The music downstairs was also outstanding! FUN!

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Erika Webber
Review from Erika Webber
13 events 4 reviews

It's something different and that's why I chose to go. The food was ok, but not worth the $$. The entertainment was pretty good, but it's one of those things I would only go once to.

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Jonathan Romano
Review from Jonathan Romano
9 events 4 reviews

Just "ok". If you are under 40 and have an ounce of coolness in you, then surely you'll find much better ways to entertain your date for $150. But if you've run out of ideas, and feel like trekking down to Long Beach... then sure, give it a try....continued

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Diane Leslie
Review from Diane Leslie
18 events 4 reviews

Menu prices are high. Show was not true flamenco.

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Crisa B. Noblejas
Review from Crisa B. Noblejas
37 events 4 reviews

My husband and I had fun and it was well worth it- the SEAFOOD Paella was good and filling. We also ordered their deli appetizer and wine-yummy!

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