Flamenco stage 920
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Celia McDonald
Review from Celia McDonald
Red Velvet 47 events 8 reviews

The stage was not elevated. It was impossible to see the dancers from the waist down unless you sat in the very front. We sat in the middle of the room. Very disappointing to me and my 3 guests, flamenco isn't the same if you can only see a...continued

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Review from Brad
Red Velvet 48 events 7 reviews

This was a solid evening. Good food, fun atmosphere, and great drinks (for extra $). Glad we went. And the drive to Long Beach was manageable.

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L K Wilkinson
Review from L K Wilkinson
25 events 19 reviews

We truly loved the show! The food & service were wonderful! We weren't really prepared, however, for the 20% non-negotiable gratuity that was figured not on the goldstar price, but the full price. If it had been 15%, it would have been more...continued

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Music lover
Review from Music lover
159 events 16 reviews

Dancers were great, but their staging was bad. We couldn't see the flamenco footwork. It was extremely disappointing.

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Review from nicole
20 events 12 reviews

It was fabulous. I loved loved loved the performance; the person on the guitar was really very good and the dancers are enchanting. All in all, a fabulous show. My only take is that I wish that the stage was a little bit higher; we were seated in...continued

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Review from Yadi
13 events 12 reviews

We bought the Goldstar tix ahead of time hoping to save some money. Yet, while we were there we spent an additional $60 on simple drinks. We expected the pre-fixed menu and had 3 options for the entree. Not bad, but nothing to really brag about...continued

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Review from barbara
29 events 11 reviews

Buyers be warned, the billing of the event is a scam!! Make sure you do your math before signing the bill!

The night at Alegria went from good to bad real fast due to the entertainment, food and the final billing.

Let’s start with the good part...continued

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Review from Cecil
48 events 10 reviews

I bought 6 tickets for this show and I must say the dancer and musicians are good as well as the food. what was disappointing is that for 6 people, even with Goldstar, we paid $119.92. $30 for a pitcher of sangria which is fair, and then tax...continued

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Review from Sal
11 events 7 reviews

This place has a great ambiance, friendly staff, and I really enjoyed the show! The dancers were clearly dedicated to their craft, along with a incredible guitarist, together they put on a great show. The goldstar discount makes this a great...continued

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Review from Silvana
13 events 6 reviews

Two things, the show started half an hour later than what they say on their add is really 7:30pm and the food did not arrived until one hour later.
I suggest for people to have a light meal before, since the food is not
enough to get full.

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Jessica Solis
Review from Jessica Solis
28 events 5 reviews

Dinner sucked, the show was beautiful. Very expensive for a night out, what they dont tell you is they add the tip on top of your bill. We had a party of 4 and we paid 108. That was 2 pitchers of sangria with a gratuity of 45. This is one of those...continued

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Review from Liz
8 events 4 reviews

The dancers and musician were very talented. The dancers were very engaging with the audience. My chicken dish and tres leche dessert were excellent. The staff was wonderful and friendly. I give the experience 5 stars.

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Esperanza Gamboa
Review from Esperanza Gamboa
51 events 4 reviews

The show was great, too short though. I just think you should disclose the $20 tip for the performers up front. We had to pay extra at the event for this, and your email about it came a couple of days before the event. The cost should be...continued

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Review from Pedram
3 events 3 reviews

Good dance, good music, good food!

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Libertad Caceres
Review from Libertad Caceres
7 events 3 reviews

Horrible food!
Be aware of extra charges,
Taxes, plus gratuity.
Will never go there again, horrible experience, one single dancer, a singer, another person playing the guitar. SAVE YOUR MONEY, AND YOUR TIME...I STRONGLY REGRETTED IT!

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Black Evo
Review from Black Evo
10 events 3 reviews

The Alegria Cocina Latina is a great little place near downtown Long Beach. Set in the middle of the clubs and restaurants the cool kids are going to, the Cocina features handmade drinks, none of that prefab mix from a bottle. I had this...continued

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Tennis Barbie
Review from Tennis Barbie
17 events 3 reviews

The Flamenco show, dancer, guitarist and singer were exceptional! The Paella and the salad provided for people who purchased special discount tickets were terrible. We have been to the show with GoldStar tickets before and the Paella had clams,...continued

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George Valeriano
Review from George Valeriano
5 events 2 reviews

Great place, yummy food & drinks. Performers were awesome.

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Grecya Vanessa Lopez
Review from Grecya Vanessa Lopez
19 events 2 reviews

Great price for a great experience. Food was great. I had the salad/paella/and tres leches; taste was perfect and portions were perfect. Flamenco dancers were passionate and energetic. Service was great. I did not have any problems when i got the...continued

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Carlos Rios
Review from Carlos Rios
4 events 2 reviews

Have a great time❤

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