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Shenika Sharpe
Review from Shenika Sharpe
43 events 26 reviews

My children loved the play musical and comical. The staff were friendly, talented and professional. At age 3 and 7 they were even able to get the lesson /message being taught through the performances.

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Miss. Unstoppable
Review from Miss. Unstoppable
32 events 26 reviews

my kids had a good time, they enjoy everything from the beginning until did end. they do a very good job to keep the kid active and entertain.

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Laura P.
Review from Laura P.
25 events 17 reviews

My son and I went on Saturday. We loved the show. It was simple but whimsical. Audience participation was improvised by the little ones and added a great flair to the show. I highly recommend it!

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Julie Kvyatkovsky
Review from Julie Kvyatkovsky
30 events 14 reviews


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Review from Megan
24 events 7 reviews

Cute little theater and enjoyable kids show. The performance was high-energy and kept the children engaged.

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Review from Norman
9 events 7 reviews

kids loved it as well as adults everyone loved polly

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Review from Megan
24 events 7 reviews

My almost four year old really enjoyed this. It was age appropriate and the perfect length.

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Review from BGBB
11 events 7 reviews

Spectacular, Our five year old enjoyed it and so did Our 13 year old. It was very engaging and interactive for the kids. There wasn't a dull moment at all! The atmosphere was nice cozy and intimate. Great if you want to get away from the massive...continued

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Irene Baebler
Review from Irene Baebler
11 events 7 reviews

Susan, Madison and Chris! Fun show for the Kids! Cute story and sweet songs!

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Review from bargainbliss
32 events 7 reviews

The show was great for both kids and adults. The crew was great, and everyone performed well. The show was interactive with the kids and lasted a bit over an hour; just the right length for kids. The crew also gave out candies at the end of the...continued

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Marilyn Lesslie
Review from Marilyn Lesslie
23 events 6 reviews

Great fun for kids and adults. Clever writing, good songs and a talented, enthusiastic ensemble. Kids were really involved, our 7 and 9 year olds laughed at all the hi jinks and got to dance on stage.

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Liz Orellana
Review from Liz Orellana
40 events 6 reviews

I took my 5 and 3 year olds to this play and they had a blast. Very entertaining and interactive for the kids. I highly recommend it.

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Sirima Ying Rehberg
Review from Sirima Ying Rehberg
24 events 6 reviews

Love it. My daughter (4 yrs) and my niece (6 yrs) had so much fun! They talked about it a lot after the show.

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Review from len126
31 events 6 reviews

Terrific. My grandkids 6 and 4 years old loved it. Parking was available on the street. The venue was small but that just added to the fun. A great troop of actors made for a delightful performance about an hour long. Pictures with the actors and...continued

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James Summerville
Review from James Summerville
6 events 5 reviews

It was a spirited production and my kids loved it. Considering the cost of tickets and the energy of the show and the energy and talent of the actors, it’s s great value, you and your kids won’t be disappointed.

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Review from Nuss
36 events 4 reviews

I liked it was a child participation theme, and the kids had fun with the characters...when we got home they were reacting the big butt man, pirate and the mom scene ?...Thx it was fun?

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Review from somi
50 events 4 reviews

It was cute and funny. My daughter loved it.

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Stacey M
Review from Stacey M
22 events 4 reviews

It was fun for young and not so young. Theater was small but, room for all. Very interactive for children.

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Review from D
6 events 4 reviews

My son and I had a great time! The theater is quite tiny, and every seat is a good seat (though sit in the center section for the best view). Pirate Pete's Parrot's entire cast were talented, lively, and gave it their all, even though we were a...continued

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Stacey T
Review from Stacey T
15 events 4 reviews

This show was SO freaking cute. We were running a few minutes late and I called to make sure it wouldn't be a problem and they HELD the show for us for about 5-6 minutes - what great customer service? The cast was adorable and my son (2 1/2...continued

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