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Review from Theatermom
Red Velvet 31 events 15 reviews

this is an enjoyable kids show- well done & just long enough for the young audience. will plan to attend future productions

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Shenika Sharpe
Review from Shenika Sharpe
43 events 26 reviews

The kids throughly enjoyed. The play was funny, both children and adult welcoming/ friendly i strongly recommend.

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Laurel Roberts-Meese
Review from Laurel Roberts-Meese
32 events 10 reviews

This play is really sweet and simple. The 5 and 3 year old I took loved it. There were some technical issues and the overall production value was low, but the point was to entertain the kids, so it definitely delivered. I really appreciated that...continued

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Review from D-Smooth
20 events 8 reviews
Review from Megan
24 events 7 reviews

Cute, fun and attention holding show that the 6 year old girls really enjoyed. My daughter was singing the "Money" song dancing around the house this morning, 2 days after seeing the show.

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Low Key
Review from Low Key
11 events 7 reviews

It was cute. My six year old enjoyed it.

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M Anna
Review from M Anna
27 events 6 reviews

Came here with my two boys. Didn’t think it through when I bought the tickets regardless they enjoyed it. Nice touch to the crew meeting everyone at the end of the show! Photo op!

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Marilyn Lesslie
Review from Marilyn Lesslie
23 events 6 reviews

Our girls 8 and 7 really enjoyed. We adults thought it was very clever writing and acting good, especially the King.

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Review from rosalia
8 events 5 reviews

My daughter is two and she liked the play.. The cast were very entertaining..

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James Summerville
Review from James Summerville
6 events 5 reviews

Very good and engaging. The actors and actresses are very spirited and we all feel their energy. My kids loved it. We did too

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Review from ThePoetSuede
15 events 4 reviews

Simple, nice. The kids did enjoy.........

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Review from Lisa
8 events 3 reviews

Cute & simple. The show kept my almost 6 yo entertained. Very sweet. Would definitely recommend especially at the discounted price. Location is just one E train stop out of Manhattan and just steps from the station. One thing to note - we went...continued

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Review from Kwhispering2u
14 events 3 reviews

Great show- very interactive for the entire family.

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Review from H'er
8 events 3 reviews

My six year old grandson was thoroughly engrossed with the production. The performers interacted with the audience. We will definitely view the January show.

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Review from mimzy
3 events 3 reviews

So Fun & Impressive performance!

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Review from Milka
19 events 3 reviews

This was so much fun for the kiddos and the adults, the theatre is such a gem! Amazing energy from the actors and super easy to get to! Totally worth the money and experience. We're totally looking forward to Pirate Pete in a few weeks.

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Luisana Santana
Review from Luisana Santana
2 events 2 reviews

Hilarious. Kids and parents can enjoy. I loved the theme and the characters were great. Spent a lovely afternoon with my daughters and it was nice to support a local show.

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Monika S.
Review from Monika S.
4 events 2 reviews

I took my 3 year old, she enjoyed the songs, and a lot of the kids even chimed in sometimes, and the actors responded to them. It was cute.

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Wildra Teresa Rubio
Review from Wildra Teresa Rubio
93 events 2 reviews

I went to see this show last year and it was amazing! However, this new show has a completely different cast and they were horrible.

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Tameeka Tabannah
Review from Tameeka Tabannah
18 events 2 reviews

It was a nice play for kids and adults to laugh at. They even ask participation from the audience and the cast made your child in the audience feel special as they sang. The cast connected Very well with the kids.

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