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Review from Alan
Red Velvet 338 events 155 reviews

I found this gripping and thought-provoking, with good performances and agile staging. I haven't looked into how historically accurate the show is in its story about Norwegians opening a back channel for communication that led to the first...continued

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Review from California
162 events 38 reviews

Writing was great. Acting was also nice but their accents were so over the top that it was distracting. Despite interacting with quite a few locals while hanging out in Israel and Europe, I have not met people in the big cities who speak that way....continued

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rk wedel
Review from rk wedel
48 events 28 reviews

play is too long and in too much details in some parts. It was a documentary more than a play with meaningful characters.

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Review from lee
64 events 10 reviews

Tension filled and well acted.

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Zita Zukowsky
Review from Zita Zukowsky
33 events 6 reviews

It was totally amateurish. The accents were awful. I couldn’t wait for the first act to end so that I could leave !

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Mary Forrest
Review from Mary Forrest
3 events 2 reviews

Wonderful actors! Very thought provoking and interesting to learn about the Norwegian "Back Channel".

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