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George Kaveladze
Review from George Kaveladze
114 events 19 reviews

Great writing, great acting.

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Cybil Solyn
Review from Cybil Solyn
Red Velvet 300 events 211 reviews

As a Cohen Bro fan I feel this, like their films, may need multiple viewings for true appreciation? I enjoyed this string of vignettes but I also had moments of pure boredom where I would look around and the audience would be asleep or looking...continued

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Elena Kravets Berchenko
Review from Elena Kravets Berchenko
Red Velvet 180 events 34 reviews

Good actors and acting, some funny moments, but to me personally the play made no sence. It consisted of several vignettes that were seemingly not connected by a theme, and which were divided by songs that were performed by this woman who played...continued

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William Santana
Review from William Santana
16 events 11 reviews

4 plays at one show WOW

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Jeff Okey
Review from Jeff Okey
22 events 11 reviews

Three of the five one-acts were good. Unfortunately, one was extremely boring and the other just meh. The female singer used as a transition device between each one act was the highlight of the evening. Can't really recommend this, though unless...continued

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Dodger Fan
Review from Dodger Fan
23 events 9 reviews

A self-deprecating attempt at humor? The Holocaust, seriously? Mr. Coen should be ashamed of himself! While other acts may not have been offensive, the repeated intrusion of an attempt at humor regarding such a tragedy is despicable. I want my...continued

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Labyrinth Flux
Review from Labyrinth Flux
12 events 7 reviews

I was going for something nuanced and we ended up watching stock characters and situations prance upon the stage, culminating in an unfunny sketch comedy type tongue in cheek sketch poking fun at the machinations of Hollywood. There were people...continued

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Ruth Sowby
Review from Ruth Sowby
24 events 7 reviews

I'm partial to a play with well-devolped characters. The shorts just didn't do it for me. Post-play discussion was adequate at best.

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Daria Kuuz
Review from Daria Kuuz
59 events 5 reviews

Overall the play was ok. There were some funny moments but nothing special.

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Review from cmallory
66 events 3 reviews

Not worth the $ or trip to LA. Not up to standards of that theater

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Janet Schwartzberg
Review from Janet Schwartzberg
20 events 2 reviews

None of the stories were compelling or even coherent. The story about Hollywood was clearly anti-semitic. The whole experience was such a disappointment. I will I could get my time and money back

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Merry Jo Pitasi
Review from Merry Jo Pitasi
7 events 2 reviews

The Mark Taper Forum is a beautiful venue - not a bad seat in the house. It's a shame the show wasn't as good. There were some performances that stood out, especially the musical interludes that covered the scene changes, however we were given...continued

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Ta Juanna Hudson
Review from Ta Juanna Hudson
1 event 1 review

I enjoyed the first skit the most. Unfortunately , the middle skit with the man and woman was far too long and dialogue heavy. It seemed to go on and on, and I was challenged to remain awake for the remaining acts after enduring it. To be honest,...continued

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Ellen Herman
Review from Ellen Herman
3 events 1 review

Not a great play, but I laughed my head off. Worth it, in my opinion.

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