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Review from cjbarrett1
Red Velvet 16 events 5 reviews

Well intentioned but a very weak production.

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The Patrons
Review from The Patrons
803 events 11 reviews

This classical A. Miller's writing... ( no wonder his name is so famous...), decorations, costumes, and above all acting have deserved well earned praise! Bravo!

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Edward Ornelas
Review from Edward Ornelas
10 events 6 reviews

Great cast and excellent show! Wasn't familiar with the story before the show but knew it was a classic. So glad I went...was an excellent production!

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Jason Doucette
Review from Jason Doucette
2 events 1 review

Beautiful set, wonderful casting, incredible acting. Broadway quality in intimate setting.

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Patrice Leigh
Review from Patrice Leigh
1 event 1 review

The play was great. The material was wondeful and the acting was good.

(The theater had a bad smell to it. Like mold or wetness.) Not good.

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Blake Rosier
Review from Blake Rosier
1 event 1 review

This play was phenomenal. Highly recommend anyone go see it. Beautiful production.

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Review from Kiyoshi Kurosawa
4 events 1 review

Very nice. The theater is very small and cordial. I felt as if I were in the play. I enjoyed it very much!!! Than you.

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