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Roxanne Yahner
Review from Roxanne Yahner
Red Velvet 318 events 141 reviews

First act of this play is as good as it gets. Excellent writing, casting, direction and staging.
Second act drags a bit but we went home happy. Easy to see why this production received Tony nominations!
One of the major themes of this play is the...continued

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Trevor Tevel
Review from Trevor Tevel
Red Velvet 23 events 14 reviews

I love that CTG honors August Wilson and the African American experience through these top notch/Broadway level productions like Jitney. Seats were in the back, but center to the action and there was a talk back after with Bernard that was truly...continued

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Charles Floyd Johnson
Review from Charles Floyd Johnson
Red Velvet 2 events 1 review

One of the best productions of this play I’ve seen. Direction was top notch and the performances were just terrific. Each character was fully realized. Good work by all involved.

Although this was one of Wilson’s early plays, it may be one of...continued

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Erin Byrne
Review from Erin Byrne
Red Velvet 4 events 1 review

Stunning play, wonderful production! Highly recommend.

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Review from Playbillz1
238 events 163 reviews

Stunning, brilliant production. Loved every character, beat, and line.

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Review from MrsJSR
201 events 114 reviews

It was our 2nd time seeing Jitney. It's an excellent play and this was an outstanding cast. Can't beat seeing it at the Taper which doesn't have a bad seat in the house.

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Bob Jackson
Review from Bob Jackson
201 events 94 reviews

I never cease to be amazed at the brilliance of the writing of August Wilson, such real, nuanced, human characters and this group of actors, many of whom are veterans of other Wilson plays, directed by one of the foremost Wilson interpreters...continued

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Jackie B
Review from Jackie B
144 events 41 reviews

What a great show! I was enthralled with all the characters who brought the dialogue to life. The father and son relationship was so intense, I wanted to go out there and tell the father to calm down and “get off” his son. August Wilson did an...continued

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Velma Marshall
Review from Velma Marshall
38 events 15 reviews

Very good venue. Play was very entertaining.

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Jeri Mack
Review from Jeri Mack
38 events 14 reviews

I have seen all of August WIlson's works and Jitney 3 times now. It is always a great experience. The Mark Taper is the perfect place for the play.

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Aric Martin
Review from Aric Martin
22 events 12 reviews

Excellent Performances and direction make this recent Broadway production a must see!

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Review from Ro
24 events 12 reviews

Riveting, with unexpected twists and turns in the plot.
Universally applicable testament to the messy process involved in turning a person into a
mature, self-actualized adult who accepts responsibility for his/her own decisions.
Uses the Black...continued

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Joyce Franklin-Hill
Review from Joyce Franklin-Hill
41 events 11 reviews

Excellent performance and play. I really enjoyed it????

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jo black
Review from jo black
26 events 9 reviews

A magnificent performance. The actors really pulled the audience into the story. Each character was well developed. I would love to see it again. I highly recommend Jitney.

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Review from ebell65
17 events 8 reviews

Outstanding performance. Relevant to the current times especially in Los Angeles. The seats were great
Goldstar came through again.

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Shelly Frisco
Review from Shelly Frisco
26 events 7 reviews

Powerful play with powerful themes. This is well done by the director and the actors.

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Review from Kay
53 events 5 reviews

Awesome play.

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Virgie Mosley
Review from Virgie Mosley
6 events 5 reviews

Excellent play that captures the every day life of black men in a given time and place. Well written and acted

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Fred Manna
Review from Fred Manna
24 events 5 reviews

I have seen 6-7 of August Wilson's plays and have never been disappointed. His writing is character driven and completely involving. I can't wait to see the remaining plays in his 10 plays by decade of the black experience in Pittsburgh...continued

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Gina Smith Cooper
Review from Gina Smith Cooper
24 events 5 reviews

Very entertaining and great acting

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