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Los Angeles and more specifically Hollywood have long been known as the epicenter of global entertainment. Alongside the Hollywood machine, Los Angeles has also grown as a multicultural metropolis with nearly half of its current population heralding from elsewhere in the World. The Red Shift Film Festival aims to tie together these two indelible characteristics into a film festival, the likes of which this city has not seen.

This special event will be the culmination of Red Shift’s three-year project to gather and chronicle distinguished works from Post-Soviet filmmakers working outside of their former homeland. The retrospective will include short films by emerging and established provocateurs, documentaries by world-renowned researchers and a kaleidoscope of avant-garde animation from around the globe. This will be the last opportunity to view these thoughtful and daring works before Red Shift turns its prismatic gaze upon a new set of global adventurers.

September 23 at 7pm / FIRST PROGRAM / BEST OF RED SHIFT

THE DENTIST (USA, 2004, 10 min.)

An animated short about a fearful Patient in pain who visits an enthusiastic Dentist.

BASS-BARITONE (USA, 2005, 24 min.)

A chamber portrait of Evgeny Nikitin – a rising opera star, lead bass-baritone of the Kirov Opera (Mariinsky Theater).

THE ROOF (USA, 2003, 3 min.)

A whimsical story of 13 beautiful ballerinas who get expelled from The NYC Ballet for rowdy behavior.

FUR AND FEATHERS (USA, 2000, 5 min.)

A Bird-man and a Dog-woman who are appalled by each other’s behavior but are equally intrigued and pulled together by each other’s strangeness.

VIDEOLOG (New York, USA, 2002-04, 22 minutes)

A series of video shorts about legendary personalities, intellectuals and artists of Russia. “Videolog” does not attempt to tell their story or describe their art but rather provides the viewer with a glance into a creative realm inhabited by these masters.

CANDY VENERY (USA, 2004, 5 min.)

War is no candy, but even candy can cause a war.

GOD BLESS AMERIKA (USA, 2005, 25 min.)

For Alex Shields, a looming deadline and his sister’s ever expanding wedding preparations open up a Pandora’s box of characters each vying for a piece of his dream. Sometimes living the American dream means learning to survive it.

September 23 at 9pm / SECOND PROGRAM / BEST OF RED SHIFT

FROM RUSSIA FOR LOVE (Canada, 2000, 53 Min., English subtitles)

The lives of two girls, living in an orphanage in the snowy outskirts of a small Russian town, are forever altered by an adoption from half a world away.

THE EVIDENCE (USA, 2002, 25 min.)

The evidence of human misery is the evidence of the existence of God.

September 24 at 7pm/ FIRST PROGRAM / BEST OF RED SHIFT

OLIGARCHS (Israel, 2004, 90 min., English subtitles)

The centerpiece of the Redshift Festival, Oligarch will be screened for the second time in the U.S.

Comprised of exclusive footage and interviews conducted over a period of more than 6 years beginning in 1996 at a time of presidential elections. Boris Yeltsin is isolated, sick, and fallen out of favor.

The “Bankers” decide to back the faltering leader. They were dubbed “Yeltsin’s Family”: seven bankers most of them Jews, who survived the Communist era, prospered, accumulated political and enormous financial power, and ran Russia from behind the scenes. Today they are known as the “Oligarchs”. Some say they stole the country. Others say they saved the homeland, saved Russia from a second round of Communism. The Oligarchs pulled the strings. They anointed and toppled heads of government and ministers. Now some claim that they selected Putin for leadership. And that Putin, who denies these claims, will pay for his betrayal. This is the story of the new Russia, seen through the eyes of the oligarchs, the ruling regime, and the people.

20 CANS OF CHUNKY BEEF SOUP (USA, 2003, 50 min.)

An unflinching documentary chronicling Maxim Vakhmin and his shady arrangements with a chaotic life.


MILCH (USA, 2005, 15min.)

The brooding animation of Igor Kovalyov, captures the bittersweet existence of one family in an odd little town.

TWILIGHT (USA, 2005, 21min.)

A woman searches the streets of Saint Petersburg for her missing daughter while coping with the indifference and ineptitude of a destitute bureaucracy.

UNDESIRABLES (USA, 1999, 23min.)

A documentary of tragic fates, indifferent authorities and the general hopelessness of children living on the streets of Russia.

PRESENT BY PERFECT (Los Angeles, 2001, 6 min.)

A dance-like journey through the daily routines of an imaginary city.

MOONLIGHT TANGO (USA, 2005, 7min.)

At the Moonlight Tango Dance Academy, fortunes are told and souls are sold.

HEADACHE (USA, 2000, 4 min.)

A young woman with a headache kills two birds with one stone when she fixes the headache and her selfish boyfriend.

BERLIN NIGHTS (Germany, 2005, 40 min.)

Driven by a common quest to escape the banality of daytime existence, each of the characters is lured by the promise of fun and excitement into a nightclub, where daily sorrows are drowned in the superficiality of a glamorous and decadent world.


ANGEL (USA, 1995, 1 min. 50 sec.)

A 3-D computer-rendered cartoon inspired by a Russian joke.

PINK and PONG (USA, 2004, 3 min. 10 sec.)

A search for kindred souls in the imaginary world of a big city.

WOMAN (USA, 2002, 10 min.)

A visual poem about the Creation of a woman and her ways of interacting with a man, based on personal mythology and universal images.

FISHES (USA, 2003, 1min. 54 sec.)

Exclusive look at the love life of fish in these difficult times!

BE A MAN, KILL THE FISH (USA, 2004, 3min. 42 sec.)

A vibrant and timeless spectacle, based on a fable by Alexandra David-Neel this is a tale of a hungry fisherman, a fish, and a wise monk’s intervention.


Based on Stephen Coates’ song from the album “When Psyche meets Cupid,” this animated short tells a story of a prisoner who works in a prison’s gramophone factory and while assembling gramophones thinks of his girlfriend.

CCCP VS. ST. VALENTIINA (USA, 2001, 6min. 08 sec)

Ghoulish insects, monstrous industrialists, and the angel of death battle the boy CCCP in a Flash animated wasteland.

TANGO (USA, 2001, 3 min.)

Award winning animated short inspired by the work of the Tango great Astor Piazzolla.

STARRY NIGHT (USA, 2002, 3min.46 sec.)

Inspired by the filmmaker’s personal experience as a child in Russia, the German occupation, the air raid and the execution of Jewish families by the Nazis in Babiy Yar.

SHUME (USA, 2003, 2 min.)

A boy’s attempt to block out surrounding noises finally triggers an almost animal-like protective reaction.

TRAGIC KAN (USA, 2004, 2 min.)

A traditionally made Cell painted animation about a war is waged on the two arms of a pink bear/dog type of creature, set to the song of Shalyapin.

CANDY VENERY (USA, 2004, 5 min.)

War is no candy, but even candy can cause a war.

WHEN IT RAINS (USA, 2004, 3 min 5 sec)

When it rains, a city and its inhabitants experience a rebirth.

FUR AND FEATHERS (USA, 2000, 5 min.)

A Bird-man and a Dog-woman who are appalled by each other’s behavior but are equally intrigued and pulled together by each other’s strangeness.


Based on the song of the same name, this award-winning short is a story of a Brazilian monkey, who left his motherland and wants to come back.

THE DENTIST (USA, 2004, 10 min.)

A fearful Patient in pain visits an enthusiastic Dentist.

BATHTIME IN CLERKENWELL (USA, 2002, 3 min. 50 sec.)

Based on Stephen Coates’ composition under the same title, this animated short is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside of a cuckoo clock.

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